Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive Clothing is clothing designed for people with physical disabilities or the elderly, who may experience difficulty dressing themselves due to an inability to manipulate closures, such as buttons and zippers, or due to a lack of a full range of motion required for self-dressing. Buck and Buck has designed a variety of adaptive clothing options based upon our own observations and from our discussions with customers like you. Our adaptive clothing designs promote independence in dressing and personal care for the wearer, and also provide ease in the dressing process for the caregiver. Look for our adaptive clothing symbol "AD" on our web pages.

Select from our Women’s Adaptive Clothing or Men’s Adaptive Clothing categories.

Women's Adaptive Clothing Styles

Choose from our Open Back Adaptive Clothing for Women, Side-zip Adaptive Clothing for Women, Cut Away Adaptive Clothing for Women and Easy Dressing VELCRO® Brand Fastener Adaptive Clothing designs for Women.

Assisted Dressing Styles

We place snaps in our rear closure dresses at strategic locations to avoid pressure points on the spine and to provide the best coverage possible for the wearer. We have many adaptive dresses to choose from.

A rear closure top is a must for anyone needing assistance dressing. All of our blouses or T-shirts come in traditional as well as rear closure styles.

Snap back sweaters are also essential for the wardrobe of the woman who needs open back adaptive clothing. Any of our sweaters can be converted into a snap-back sweater/cardigan for you. Let us know if you would like this alteration done.

If knit pant sets and separates are preferred, we have a selection of open back tops with traditional or adaptive pants to choose from.

Our Adaptive Sweatsuits, both the Basic Sweatsuits and Printed Sweatsuits are always popular.

Our jumpsuits offer a solution for inappropriate undressing due to Alzheimer's disease or dementia. A single zipper down the back is the key. "Out of sight... Out of mind" best describes why these work so well and help to maintain modesty and dignity.

Looking for something warm? Our velour pant sets are available in rear closure and side-zip styles to make assisted dressing easier for the caregiver.

We carry the largest selection of rear closure gowns, robes and sleepwear available anywhere. Shown at left is our "So-Soft" wrap back gown. Be sure to take a look at all of our gowns and robes.

If you are ordering dresses, don't forget the snap-back slips to make the dressing process complete. If additional warmth is a concern, choose from our variety of adaptive Vests and Undershirts. Cuddl Duds can also be adapted. Just ask us!

3 Styles of Adaptive Pants for Women

 We carry three different types of adaptive designs in pants for women. Our side-zip pants feature 22" long zippers down both side seams to make dressing and toileting easier. We also have side-Velcro and back-flap versions to make transferring and frequent changing easier for everyone involved. Coordinate the pants with any of our Blouses or T-shirts.

Cut-Away Dress Styles for the Non-Ambulatory

  Sometimes the cut-away design dress is the best choice for the non-ambulatory woman. We cut the seat out of the dress to make toileting and personal care an easier process. This design, however, is only suitable for the woman who does not stand. Modesty and dignity is always our concern, so please make certain that this garment is appropriate for the woman you are buying for. We have several choices in our cut-away dusters. Take a look. Don't forget to order a cut-away slip, too.

Self Dressing Styles

 Any of our button closure blouses may be converted to VELCRO® brand fasteners if the process of buttoning is too difficult. We keep the look of the button closure, but place hook and loop tabs behind the placket. Let us know if you would like this alteration done.

 Our women’s cotton/poly and flannel pajamas can have the buttons converted to VELCRO® brand fasteners. Just let us know if that would make independent dressing easier. The additional alteration charge is $10.00 per pair.

We carry all types of adaptive footwear including shoes, slippers and socks designed to meet the needs of most individuals, whether they live in a nursing facility or at home. Many are designed to accommodate edema, hammer toes and many other age related foot conditions.

Men's Adaptive Clothing Styles

Choose from our Open Back Adaptive Clothing for Men, Side-zip Adaptive Clothing for Men, Cut Away Adaptive Clothing for Men and Easy Dressing VELCRO® Brand Fastener Adaptive Clothing designs for Men.

Assisted Dressing Styles

Our basic wrap back sweat tops are just one example of a variety of rear closure garments for men. We place snaps at strategic locations to avoid pressure points on the spine.

The open back feature on our shirts makes dressing easier for the man who cannot raise his arms or reach around to put his arm in a sleeve. The caregiver also finds this design very helpful in the assistive dressing process. We can convert any of our shirts to an open back style. Let us know your preference.

We do various special alterations to make assisted dressing easier for everyone. A snap back hoodie is one of our more popular alterations for men. A large opening allows the wearer to slip his arms into the sleeves from the front followed by an easy, over-the-head maneuver made easier with the large snap back opening.

Snap back T-shirts are extremely popular. They come in long or short sleeves and in a variety of prints and colors.

Flannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fasteners Our back-zip jumpsuits are the answer for inappropriate undressing caused by Alzheimer's disease and dementia. They go on and off easily and help to maintain modesty.

Nightshirts are comfortable in both flannel and poly/cotton. There are many other choices from our nightwear collection. If you need something opened down the back that is not shown that way, don't hesitate to ask. We can open the back of any garment, adding snaps or Velcro, for an additional $10.

Don't forget about the snap back T-shirts in our underwear and socks collection.

Cut Away Adaptive Clothing for the Non-Ambulatory

These back flap pants were designed to make it possible for the gentleman who wants to wear pants, but is unable to bear weight to get them on, to still wear them. There is ample material coverage (flap) for the seat, yet the back opens up easily for chair to toilet transfers. Caregivers also love this design when assisting the man in personal care.

Self and Assisted Dressing Styles

 Our side-zip pants feature 22" zippers down both side seams. The zippers make dressing and toileting easier. This style is offered in sweat pants and light-weight knit pants, and can be added to any of our pants collection. For a pants style that is not offered with the zippers, the alteration charge to add the zippers is $16.

Easy Dressing VELCRO® Brand Fastener Adaptive Clothing designs for Men

Flannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fasteners If button closure shirts are too difficult to manage then take a look at our shirts with VELCRO® Brand fasteners. By sewing the buttons to the front of the placket and adding Velcro® Brand tabs, no one is the wiser.

Twill Putter Pants (S-XL) with VELCRO® Brand Fastener FlyFlannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fasteners Most of our pant styles are available with VELCRO® Brand strips on the fly and waistband to encourage independent dressing and toileting for anyone who may be dealing with arthritis, decreased dexterity or limited finger strength.

Our men’s cotton/poly and our men’s flannel pajamas are also available with Velcro® brand tab closures replacing the traditional button closures.

Flannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fasteners Most of our shoes have hook and loop (Velcro-like) closures to make dressing as easy as possible, as well as a couple of slip-on options. Choose from our collection to satisfy the comfort needs of your feet. Don't forget to look at our slippers. We have a variety of slippers with hook and loop closures as well.

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