Walker Accessories

(Go to home page).  Buck and Buck carries several items of walker accessories that you should take a look at. These accessories make useful gifts for the person who needs a walker to move about. Essential items can be kept at hand while freeing the individual to safely walk about with the walker.

Walker Accessories Styles

    • Help your lady or gentleman keep eyeglasses, magazines, chapstick, lipstick, portable phone or cell phone and other essentials close at hand with our Double Sided Walker Bag.

    • Just Right Organizer by Adaptable Designs Another helpful walker bag is our Just Right Organizer.  This may be used on a walker, wheelchair or scooter and may also be hung on a bedrail.

    • Folding Cup Holder Our folding cup holder is a very useful item for the person who uses a walker. Keeping a glass of water or favorite beverage at hand helps to encourage essential hydration, and the cup holder prevents spills. Take a look at our basic model as well.

    • Drainage Bag Cover by Adaptable Designs If the individual has a urinary catheter drainage bag this protective cover disguises the bag and can easily be hung on the lower rail of the walker.

    • Shearling Walker Grips Hand protectors on the walker help to cushion the pressure of the hands against the walker grips. The stress of pressure on the hands when using a walker can be made gentler with our shearling grips.
    • If the individual uses both a walker and wheelchair, take a look at our
wheelchair accessories
    section of the catalog for more useful items.
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