Wheelchair Accessories

(Go to home page).  Buck and Buck carries several items of wheelchair accessories that you should take a look at. These accessories make useful gifts for the person who is confined to a wheelchair. Everyday necessities can be kept close by while freeing the hands for moving the wheelchair around. Note that we also carry wheelchair clothes for women and men. These clothing items are designed to make sitting in a wheelchair more comfortable.

Wheelchair Accessories Styles

  • Sidekick Wheelchair Pouch by Adaptable Designs Help keep eyeglasses, magazines, chapstick, lipstick and other essentials close at hand with our Sidekick Wheelchair pouch.

  • Envelope Wheelchair Pouch by Adaptable Designs Our Envelope Wheelchair Pouch is a handy yet very inexpensive device to attach to the wheelchair to keep things close at hand.

  • Basic Cup Holder for Walker or Wheelchair Our cup holder is a very useful item for the person in a wheelchair. Keeping a glass of water or favorite beverage at hand helps to encourage essential hydration, and the cup holder prevents spills. We also have a folding model.  Take a look.

  • Just Right Organizer by Adaptable Designs This useful organizer can be hung on a wheelchair, walker and bedrail.

  • Wheelchair Day Pack by Adaptable Designs For all day outings, the water resistant day pack is fantastic. This pack has room for a jacket and other personal items. Consider giving this as a gift for the person who is on the go!

  • Stowaway Wheelchair Pack by Adaptable Designs Our Stowaway Wheelchair Pack attaches underneath the wheelchair for items that you just cannot do without.

  • Wheelchair Arm Protectors-Full Length Arm protectors on the wheelchair help to cushion the skin against rubbing on the arm rests. Fragile skin of the elderly individual is very prone to tears and abrasions. These wheelchair arm protectors will help to prevent injury.

  • Gel foam cushion 2 inch Sitting in a wheelchair all day may prove to be a bit uncomfortable, but with our Gel foam cushion you'll find pressure relief! We have a few more cushions as well as protective pads for the wheelchair. Take a look!
  • Drainage Bag Cover by Adaptable Designs Our urinary drainage bag cover discreetly provides some privacy for the individual who must wear a urinary drainage bag. A flap may be accessed to determine the urine level in the bag, but otherwise would be left closed for privacy. The drainage bag cover attaches easily under the seat of the wheelchair frame.

  • Women's Rain Poncho Rainproof wheelchair ponchos for women and for men will keep you warm and dry.  They are specificlly made to accomodate coverage while in a wheelchair.

If the individual uses both a walker and a wheelchair, take a look at our walker accessories as well.

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