No Metal Clothing

If you are looking for clothing with no metal, especially pants, we have the solution. Our metal free pants have VELCRO® fly closures for the man who may have allergies to some metals such as nickel, or just cannot manipulate zippers. Our women's pants are also metal free and are "pull on" with elastic waistbands.

Take a look at some of our metal free pants for men and for women.

Women's No Metal Clothing Styles

Women's No Metal Clothing - Dresses Independently/Self Dresser

  • Women's Cotton Denim Pull-On Slacks Our denim pull on slacks are comfortable and very easy to wear. No zippers to struggle with.

  • Poly Gabardine Slacks Loose, easy waistband and no zippers or metal for those with allergies to nickel.

  • Soft Waist Culottes Our pull on culottes are great looking for those who like the look of a skirt and the comfort of slacks! No metal zippers to deal with.

  • Any of our knit sets and sweatsuits will also provide you with metal free wear and comfortable dressing.


Men's No Metal Clothing Styles

Men's No Metal Clothing - Dresses Independently/Self Dresser

  • Men's Polyester Dress Slacks w/Velcro Fly Alteration If you need dress pants and cannot wear metal, these Haggar dress slacks have had the zipper replaced with VELCRO® making it suitable for the man who cannot wear clothing with metal as well as for the gentleman who cannot manage zippers.

  • Twill Putter Pants (S-XL) with VELCRO® Brand Fastener FlyTwill Putter Pants (S-XL) with VELCRO® Brand Fastener Fly Our elastic waist putter pants are extremely popular. We have replaced the zipper and top button with a VELCRO® fly closure. Easy for the man who has difficulty with zippers and for the man who cannot wear metal.

  • Cotton Slacks with VELCRO® Brand fasteners Fly Another of our Haggar pants. The classic look in comfortable cotton with no metal zippers. The VELCRO® fly closure makes the pants easy to wear. We also have these great slacks in denim.

  • Cargo shorts without metal zippers! We have replaced the zippers with VELCRO® brand fly closures for easy dressing and to accommodate the man who cannot wear metal, but loves to wear cargo shorts. Remember, any of our pants can be converted to hook and loop closures for those who cannot wear metal or just find dressing easier with VELCRO®.
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