ALS Clothing

(Go to Home Page) ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As a result, there is impairment of voluntary muscle function that leads to muscle weakness in the hands, arms and legs as well as difficulty swallowing in the early stages of the disease, and eventual paralysis as the disease reaches its final stages.

Our clothing is designed to preserve independence in dressing for as long as possible, and then to provide assistance to the caregiver while maintaining dignity for the wearer with our adaptive clothing styles.

You need to know the functional ability of the person with ALS so that you can choose the appropriate, easy wear clothing. For example, if the person has weakness in the hands, Velcro® closures or zippers may be the route you want to go in order for the person to maintain independence in dressing. If the person is confined to a wheelchair and cannot dress her or himself, our open back clothing would be more appropriate.

Often the person with ALS has difficulty swallowing which will cause drooling and spilling of food and liquids from the mouth. Our protective bibs are helpful in preserving dignity, and in preventing clothing from becoming soiled.

Select from our ALS clothing for women or men, based upon the persons' ability to dress him or herself. The person either dresses independently (self dresser) or needs help with dressing (assisted dressing).

Women's ALS Clothing Styles

Clothing for ALS – Women’s FashionsDresses Independently/Self Dresser

Square Neck Knit Pant Set Any of our pull on pants and over the head knit tops, t-shirts and dresses will be manageable for the person with weakness in the arms. No buttons or zippers to handle.

Polar Fleece Shawl (S-XL) Keeping the chill off is important. Our easy to wear shawls are great for the independent dresser and we also have a wide selection of sweaters to choose from. Remember that the buttons may be replaced with hook and loop closures if that will make independent dressing possible.

Women's  Basic Sweatsuit (S-XL) Our sweatsuits are one of our most popular garments. They are soft, available year round, come in a wide range of colors and prints and are very easy to pull on.

Women's Floral Waterproof Bib Swallowing may become difficult early on with ALS, so to maintian dignity during eating your lady may like to have a good looking waterproof bib to protect her clothing.

Nova Ultra Light Weight Transport Chair If walking any distance becomes a bit difficult, our Transport Wheelchair will allow shopping trips, going out to restaurants, visits to the doctor and any number of other activities. These wheelchairs cannot be self-propelled so you must have someone along to help you.

Clothing for ALS – Women’s FashionsNeeds Help to Dress/Assisted Dressing

Long Sleeve Solid Knit Snap Back Dress Any of our snap back dresses look lovely and are very easy for the caregiver when assisted dressing is needed. They are especially useful if the woman is confined to a wheelchair. Snaps are strategically placed to avoid pressure points on the spine.

Long Sleeve Basic Adaptive Knit Set Women love our basic and printed knit sets because they are so comfortable, easy to wear and take care of. If she likes pants sets you should also look at those in our dressier fabrics.

Women's Printed Adaptive Sweat Suit with Collar You can't beat our sweat sets! Look for the AD symbol for the side-zip and open back adaptive sets. A variety of colors and prints are always available.

Cotton/Poly Open Back Nightgown Don't forget her nightwear. We carry a varied selection of fabrics and styles in our adaptive gowns and pajamas to provide comfort and ease of care.

Nova Light Weight Wheelchair Our lightweight Wheelchair by Nova will make getting around easier for everyone. You might also find some of our wheelchair accessories very helpful.

Men's ALS Clothing Styles

Clothing for ALS – Men’s FashionsDresses Independently/Self Dresser

Flannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fastenersFlannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fasteners Sometimes just the addition of VELCRO® brand fasteners behind the button plackets helps the man to dress himself. If he doesn't have that need, we have many traditional style shirts to choose from.

Men's Twill Putter Pants (S-XL)Men's Twill Putter Pants (S-XL) Our pull on pants are so easy for self dressing. We also have pants with regular fly closures and adaptive VELCRO® brand closures to encourage the self dressing process.

Men's Printed Sweatsuit (S-XL) The comfort and ease of dressing with our basic and printed sweats cannot be beat. Stretchy elastic in the pants and easy, over the head tops are perfect for the independent dresser. Available all year long and many colors and prints to choose from.

Men's Plaid Waterproof Bib Swallowing may become difficult early on with ALS, so to maintain dignity during eating your gentleman may like to have a good looking, waterproof bib to cover his clothes.

Nova Ultra Light Weight Transport Chair If walking any distance becomes difficult you will find our Transport wheelchair to be helpful in getting to sporting events, to doctor appointments and any other number of events. These wheelchairs cannot be self-propelled so you must have someone along to help you.

Clothing for ALS – Men’s FashionsNeeds Help to Dress/Assisted Dressing

Short Sleeve Snap Back Sport Shirt Our snap back shirts will meet his needs from casual to dressy occasions and no one will know but him and his caregiver!

Men's Twill Side-Snap Pants Any of our easy pull on pants make dressing less difficult, but our bilateral side snap pants or side zip pants are best when the wearer cannot assist in the dressing process.

Men's Basic Snap Back Sweat Top Comfortable, casual and cozy are our terrific sweats. Buy as a set or as separates according to his likes and needs.

Men's So Soft Lap Robe If the gentleman is confined to a wheelchair, our so soft lap blanket will give him that extra warmth he may need. There are other wheelchair clothes and accessories that may be helpful to him as well as our Nova Lightweight wheelchair. Take a look.

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