ALS Clothing

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As a result, there is impairment of voluntary muscle function that leads to muscle weakness in the hands, arms and legs as well as difficulty swallowing in the early stages of the disease, and eventual paralysis as the disease reaches its final stages.

Our clothing is designed to preserve independence in dressing for as long as possible, and then to provide assistance to the caregiver while maintaining dignity for the wearer with our adaptive clothing styles.

You need to know the functional ability of the person with ALS so that you can choose the appropriate, easy wear clothing. For example, if the person has weakness in the hands, Velcro® closures or zippers may be the route you want to go in order for the person to maintain independence in dressing. If the person is confined to a wheelchair and cannot dress her or himself, our rear closure styles would be more appropriate.

Often the person with ALS has difficulty swallowing which may cause drooling or difficulty keeping food in the mouth before swallowing. Our protective bibs are helpful in preserving dignity and preventing clothing from becoming soiled.

Select from our ALS clothing for women or men, based upon the persons' ability to dress him or herself. The person either dresses independently (self dresser) or needs help with dressing (assisted dressing).

Women's ALS Clothing Styles

Clothing for ALS – Women’s FashionsDresses Independently/Self Dresser

Any of our pull on pants and over the head knit tops, t-shirts and dresses will be manageable for the person with weakness in the arms. No buttons or zippers to handle.

Keeping the chill off is important. Our easy to wear shawls are great for the independent dresser. We also have a wide selection of acrylic and cotton sweaters to choose from.

Women love our basic and printed knit sets because they are stretchy, easy to put on, and comfortable. If you are looking for something warmer, be sure to check out our pant sets in velour.

Our sweatsuits are one of our most popular items. They are soft, available year round, come in a wide range of colors and prints and are very easy to pull on.

Swallowing may become difficult early on with ALS. To maintian dignity during eating we have developed our own line of attractive waterproof bibs to help protect clothing.

Clothing for ALS – Women’s FashionsNeeds Help to Dress/Assisted Dressing

 Any of our rear closure dresses make assisted dressing easier for the wearer and caregiver alike. They are especially useful if the wearer is confined to a wheelchair. Snaps are strategically placed to avoid pressure points on the spine.

Our adaptive sweat sets remain one of our most popular styles. A variety of colors and prints are always available.

Don't forget nightwear. We carry a varied selection of fabrics and styles in our adaptive gowns and pajamas to provide comfort and ease of care.


  You might also find some of our wheelchair accessories very helpful.

Men's ALS Clothing Styles

Clothing for ALS – Men’s FashionsDresses Independently/Self Dresser

Flannel Shirt VELCRO® Brand fastenersThe addition of VELCRO® Brand fasteners behind a shirt's placket can make continued self dressing easier for anyone who is having difficulties with buttons.

Men's Twill Putter Pants (S-XL)A pair of elastic waist pants can eliminate problems encountered when dealing with a button or clasp waistband closure, or zipper fly. We also have traditional style pants with zipper fly closures, and pants with VELCRO® Brand closures to encourage the self dressing process.

The comfort and ease of dressing provided by a sweatsuit continues to make our sweats one of our most popular men's items. Stretchy elastic in the pant waist, and easy, over-the-head tops are perfect for the independent dresser. Available all year with many colors to choose from.

Swallowing may become difficult early on with ALS. To maintain dignity during eating we have developed our own line of attractive waterproof bibs to help protect clothing.


Nova Light Weight Wheelchair If you use a wheelchair to get around, you might also find some of our wheelchair accessories very helpful.

Clothing for ALS – Men’s FashionsNeeds Help to Dress/Assisted Dressing

A rear closure shirt is a must for anyone needing assistance dressing. The shirt can be put on from the front, while the caregiver snaps it down the back. A great solution for anyone with limited range of motion or arthritis.

Any of our specialized pant designs can make getting dressed easier for everyone involved. We offer back-flap pants for the non-ambulatory, plus several more designs that address specific issues related to loss of motor skills associated with ALS.

Our adaptive sweatsuits for men are made up of a wrap-back sweat top with snaps at the shoulders to avoid presure points paired with side-zip sweat pants. This design has proved invaluable for anyone who needs assistance dressing.

Our so soft lap blanket will give any man that extra warmth he may need.

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