Elderly Apparel

Clothing for the Elderly

Elderly clothing is a line of clothing that is both age appropriate, easy to wear and easy to care for. As we age, it becomes more difficult to move, stretch, bend and twist, making the process of dressing a bit of a challenge at times. Buck and Buck realizes this, and our business is to make clothing for seniors look good, feel good, and most of all, to make clothing that helps keep the wearer as independent as possible for as long as possible. Loss of independence in the daily task of dressing can be very difficult for aging mothers and fathers, so we place their dignity in the forefront of our designs.

We select fabrics that are comfortable for the elderly to wear with patterns, designs and colors that are appropriate. We choose fabrics that are easy to launder and wear without the need for ironing. Our elderly clothing fits well to the body with waistbands, cuffs and necklines that are comfortable. We use zipper pulls, snaps and buttons that are easy to grasp. Many styles of our elderly clothing have VELCRO® brand closures that will not challenge the individual who has arthritis or weakness in a limb from a stroke.
When the elderly need the assistance of a caregiver to get dressed, we have many options of open back and side zip clothing to choose from.

Select from our Clothing for the Elderly – Women’s Fashions and Clothing for the Elderly – Men’s Fashions categories below. See out entire catalog for more options.

Women's Elderly Apparel Styles

Clothing for the Elderly – Women’s Fashions

Choose from our Clothing for the Elderly based upon the woman’s abilities and limitations to dress with or without assistance. Keep in mind that a woman may be able to self dress with some of our adaptive features suggested below.

Clothing for the Elderly – Women’s-Dresses Independently/Self Dresser

Floral Zip-Front Knit Dress Our comfortable house dresses are very popular, and are easy to wear. They feature a zipper in the front that goes down to about the hips to make independent dressing a snap! If she prefers no zippers or buttons, our comfortable Muu muus will be just right.

Cardigan Sweater with Pockets Need a sweater? We have many styles and colors to coordinate with any outfit. Our sweaters make a great gift item also. If she prefers a shawl, we have two styles in a great polar fleece…all year long.

Short Sleeve Mixed Knit Set Knit pants sets are comfortable and look great for any occasion. Solids, prints, and a variety of necklines! She can get several without any duplications.

 Our t-shirts and knit tops come in a variety of colors and prints. Match them with culottes, pants, or our skirt to make multiple outfits.

Women's  Basic Sweatsuit (S-XL) Comfortable and available all year long, our sweatsuits are perfect for outings, physical therapy sessions, or just lounging! Buy one for her and one for you too! The price is always right.

Short Flannel Gown Flannel nightgowns and pajamas are always available from us. Summer months with air conditioners can make her just as chilly as on a winter’s night.

Women's Washable ShoesWomen's Washable Shoes All of our shoes have non-slip soles and are easy to put on.

Snap Front Bra So many of our bras and panties are cut with lots of stretch and are easy to put on.



Clothing for the Elderly – Women’s-Needs Help to Dress/Assisted Dressing

Dusters are comfortable and available in various fabrics all year. The snaps can be converted to Velcro® closures if that would be easier for dressing. Let us know! The snap back designs are perfect for the woman who cannot dress herself and helpful to the caregiver because the dressing process becomes less of a struggle.

Long Sleeve Solid Knit Snap Back Dress Our open back dress designs will keep your loved one looking lovely, feeling comfortable and experiencing less struggle when getting dressed.

Cotton/Poly Blouse with VELCRO® Brand fasteners VELCRO® brand front closures on our blouses may make the difference between self or assisted dressing. We can perform this alteration on most of our blouses to keep her as independent as possible. We will work with you on her dressing needs.

 Our knit pants sets are very popular because of the designs, fabrics and choices of colors and prints. The adaptive styles allow for dressing ease and look fabulous. Mix n' match for several outfits.

 We offer different options for adaptive pants…side closure, and back flap pants…depending upon the woman’s dressing needs and abilities. Whether the needs are for ease of access for personal care, toilet transfers, hip or knee therapy etc., we should have a designs that will work for her.

Knit Open Back Nightgown Our Open back nightgowns, which are similar to hospital gowns (only cute), are so very comfortable, non-restrictive and allow for easier care, without undue stress on the wearer or caregiver.

Booties w/ Non-Skid SoleBooties w/ Non-Skid Sole Our non-slip shoes and slippers are easy to wear and comfortable. Many of our styles address foot problems like swelling, bunions and diabetes. Talk with us about your needs.

Men's Elderly Apparel Styles

Clothing for the Elderly – Men’s Fashions

Choose from our Clothing for the Elderly based upon the man’s abilities and limitations to dress with or without assistance. Keep in mind that a man may be able to self dress with some of our adaptive features suggested below.

Clothing for the Elderly – Men’s-Dresses Independently/Self Dresser

Men's Short Sleeve Sport Shirt In our shirt selections you will find casual, dress and sport shirts in materials that are easy to care for and look terrific. If buttons are a problem, take a look at our adaptive front closure shirts with VELCRO® brand fasteners.

Men's Twill Putter Pants (S-XL)Men's Twill Putter Pants (S-XL) Match his shirts to any of our pants. They are all easy wear and care. If zippers are a problem, look at the pull on pants or the pants with the VELCRO® brand fly closure. Independence in dressing is important to us, so let us help you with the right choice of pants.

He loves to be comfortable and casual? Well, our sweatsuits are perfect! Lots of colors. Make a few selections. You might want to pair some with our t-shirts as well.

Men's Zip-Front Hoodie Sweaters, cardigans or zip front hooded sweatshirts are perfect for any season. Coordinate with our slacks to make several outfits.

Men's Flannel Pajamas We carry both cotton/poly and flannel sleepwear all year long. No need to search any further.

Men's Hook and Loop Washable ShoeMen's Hook and Loop Washable Shoe All of our shoes are easy to wear with non-slip soles and hook and loop closures for dressing independence.



Clothing for the Elderly – Men’s-Needs Help to Dress/Assisted Dressing

Snap Back Flannel Shirt If he needs help with putting on shirts because of limited range of motion due to arthritis, stroke or other problems, our open back selections are just perfect. No stretching required and the caregiver can help to dress him whether he is sitting, standing or lying down.

Short Sleeve Velcro Front Sport Shirt If he needs Velcro® behind the buttons to make dressing easier and keep him independent, choose from our selection of adaptive front closure shirts with VELCRO® brand fasteners. You can't even tell the Velcro® is there!

Men's Twill Side-Snap Pants Our bilateral side snap pants make dressing and personal care easier if your gentleman needs assistance in dressing or toileting. The snaps on both sides allow for the pants to drop for easy donning and removal. Take a look at our other side zip and back flap adaptive pants. They have become very popular garments for us.

The comfort of our adaptive sweats cannot be beat. Great for casual wear, therapy or just lounging. We offer them all year long.

Men's Long Sleeve Polo Jumpsuit (S-XL)Men's Long Sleeve Polo Jumpsuit (S-XL) If your gentleman has a dementia or other condition that causes him to pull off his clothing, leading to loss of dignity or embarrassment, our jumpsuits may be the perfect solution. Jumpsuits look like two piece outfits, but are actually one piece with the openings down the back to prevent inadvertent removal. These are only to be used if a caregiver is in attendance, as self toileting is not possible wearing a jumpsuit.

Flannel Open Back Nightshirt Our open back nightshirts are like a patient gown, but are nicer looking, have more length, and come in flannel or cotton/poly fabrics. Yes, the flannel is available all year long!

Men's Leather Hook and Loop Closure Shoe by PropetMen's Leather Hook and Loop Closure Shoe by Propet All of our shoes are easy slip on or have hook and loop closures (like Velcro®) for self or assisted dressing. Don't forget to look at our great slipper and sock collection as well.

Shearling Walker Grips If he uses a walker or wheelchair, you should look at our accessories. Great, practical gifts.

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