Unique Alterations

(Go to home page).  We pride oursleves in trying to accommodate your special clothing needs by creating unique, customized alterations in our clothing designs.  Whether the challenge that you have is temporary or permanent, let us partner with you to create a garment that works!

As you can see in our "adaptive garment" selections marked with an AD in the catalog, many general alterations have already been made for women and men, but if you need something more customized please let us work with you.

Unique Alterations Styles

Knee Braces

Zip Fly Putter Pant with Leg ZipperSometimes knee braces are used to help create stability for women and men when standing and walking.  Although the brace may be easy to put on before dressing, if pants are worn and you wish to remove the brace without undressing we will sew a zipper into the outside seam of the pants on the side of your choice, from the ankle to above the knee.  This can be done on any of our womens and mens pants.

Urinary Catheters

If a urinary catheter is worn with a leg bag during the day, a zipper on the inside pant seam from the ankle to the knee can be inserted to allow for easy draining of the leg bag.  Hook and loop closures can also be used if that would be easier for you to manipulate.  Let us know your preference.

If the catheter is attached to a regular drainage bag we can make hook and loop closures on the outside seam of either or both pant legs to allow the tubing to exit from the pants and connect to the drainage bag hidden by one of our urinary drainage bag covers.

Amputations (leg)

Access to a leg prosthetic may be facilitated by an ankle to knee zipper or hook and loop closures on the outside seam of any of our pants.  Let us know which leg and how high on the leg you would like the alteration done.

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