See what customers are saying about Buck & Buck

Hi Dode,

I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with your products and customer service. My mother was in a nursing home for several years and she absolutely loved looking through your magazines.  I would often come in her room and find pages folded back so she could show me things she wanted. The quality, sizing  and labeling features of your clothing are  awesome. Items always arrived quickly and  your customer service is excellent!

Unfortunately my mom passed away, but we continue to let people know about your products. Thank you for your friendly customer service.

A very satisfied customer!

Gail P.
Freeville, NY

Dear Buck & Buck,

My name is Sydney and I work at a nursing home for people with intellectual disabilities. I would like to start by saying that you have helped increase or maintain the independence of many of our residents! I have been buying your items since I was hired here almost 4 years ago. We love your products so much that I have introduced two other facilities I know to using them. When my Grandmother was in an assisted living facility we bought them for her and the staff was THRILLED! They called many of your products "game changers" for their residents. 

Sydney H, SSD
Northland Living Center, Jackman, ME

Hi Dode,

The clothing I’ve ordered is for my 93 year old mother who is in wheelchair recovering from a broken leg. I have ordered from you (before the fall) and love the merchandise and great customer service. Hoping this latest order will work for her current reduced mobility. You are a great resource!

Jessica P.
Dunedin, FL

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thanks for your kind attention. I'm really impressed with your online store. We got some lovely things for my wife when she needed them, and their beauty made them very pleasing despite their nature as medically-motivated garments.

Howard M.
Ithaca, NY

Dear Buck & Buck,

The service I was provided by your staff member, Judy, was outstanding! What an asset she is for your company.

Merril S.
Google Reviews

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thanks for all you do!! Your adaptive clothing has been life changing for all of us. Together, we take full-time care of our 94 year old dad who has dementia, but is still quite delightful!! The adult "Onsies" for bedtime that zip up the back and the other shirts with Velcro are brilliant, and have been soooo helpful!! We often comment that each time we have a new challenge, we can go to your catalog or website, and you all have a solution! We have recommended your catalog to a number of folks in a similar situation.

We hope for a glorious Holiday season for you all!! Again, many thanks!!

Peg S. and Kathy G.
Aledo, TX

Dear Buck & Buck,

I have to tell you how impressed I am with your company.  Today was my first order and I asked for a 24" inseam on pants for my son.  Simone called me to verify that and to make sure I knew that if the item didn't fit, due to the inseam I requested, they were not returnable.  I'm really pleased to see that someone still delivers great customer service.

Thank you so much. 

Jan A.
Mesquite, NV

Dear Buck & Buck,

My husband Rob has Parkinson’s Disease. He was diagnosed in 1999, and he is still getting around fairly well on his own. However, he has difficulty with small motor movements, and buttons have become impossible. A friend told me about Buck & Buck several years ago, and now every birthday and Christmas is an occasion to buy more shirts with Velcro closures that make it less of a struggle for him to dress himself. I started ordering pants with Velcro fly closures when zippers became a problem. I know that my orders will be delivered accurately, and that, if there are any questions, your customer service people will call me to confirm before shipping.

The shirts and pants are good quality, and they machine wash and dry beautifully. You can expect a lot more orders from yours truly. Thanks again for your great products and service! P.S. Now I am also ordering Buck & Buck clothes for my mother and mother-in-law, who both struggle with arthritic fingers.
Continued thanks for the wonderful clothing and service.

Catherine P
Somerset NJ

Hi Simone, 

Quick update: my sister was so happy to receive your package. You guys did a great job picking out top patterns based on my input. And the shoes have been a blessing for her and my niece and brother in law.  No more stress over dressing.  

As they face the prospect of hospice soon, I wanted you to know how appreciative we are of your company’s products. I will share the word! I am also blown away by the level of customer service you provided. Everyone I know talks about how it has generally declined with Covid, but you guys are better than the majority pre-Covid!!

Prayers and blessings to you, Simone, and your employer.

Maggie S.
Edgewood, KY

Dear Buck and Buck,

Just a note to mention that I’ve been recommending your company when people so often ask me where I find mother’s special clothing items. We’ve been impressed with the clothing, and the quality of your selections. Plus, the free labeling with her name is a wonderful bonus! Also, I’ve been leaving the catalog at the nursing home for them to share with the other residents.

Linda D.
Inverness, FL

Dear Buck & Buck,

I’m so grateful I found Buck & Buck senior clothing for my mom. What great quality at such a great price, and so appropriate for my 96 year old mom. Thank you!

Grisell F.
Simi Valley, CA

Dear Buck and Buck,

I recently placed an order from your company for someone living in another state. Unfortunately, I didn't get the size correct. I heard back from the family that they contacted your company and said "customer service was fantastic" and told them what to do for an exchange. There are plenty of challenges when caring for someone in hospice. Thank you for making wonderfully accessible clothing, so dressing doesn’t have to be one of those challenges. Thank you again for making the exchange so easy for the family.

Warm regards,

Dawnmarie R.
Anchorage, AK

Dear Buck & Buck,

Over the past ten years I bought many adaptive clothing pieces for my recently deceased sister, Carolyn. Your clothing helped make her life more comfortable, and the job of the CNAs who cared for her easier.  I genuinely appreciate it.  I donated her clothing to other residents at her nursing home and the social worker was delighted to get them.

Keep up your wonderful work!!

Thank you!

Kathy O.
Warminster, PA

Hi Cathy,

The shirt and pants you picked out for my husband were absolutely perfect. He had a stint in the hospital and was just recently able to wear his new outfit, and he loves it so much! I would love to order more pants and shirts, and since you did such an awesome job picking out the first outfit, I would like to get your expertise again. Can I place that order with you? (Of course the answer was Yes!) Thank you for being a wonderful company  and providing a much needed service.


Carol M.
Deer Park, IL

Dear Buck & Buck,

My mother passed away a year ago due to Alzheimer's disease. Prior to this we ordered some clothing for her from Buck & Buck. We needed easy on & off clothing and your snap back shirts and zip paints were perfect! We also loved the bright cheerful colors and designs. Thank you, Buck & Buck, for making life a bit easier, and I would highly recommend your company to friends & family. 

Thank you & enjoy the day! 

Dawn V.
Sandwich, MA

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for the print tops selected with the pant order. Please forward this appreciation to the team member who did this! I've made several orders with Buck & Buck for adaptive clothing for my Mom, but I let you select matching tops this time. I was SO DELIGHTED when I unpacked the order to see what was sent. The tops are so beautiful! I loved the prints, colors, and how they perfectly match the black and khaki pants. My Mom is permanently in a facility and I cannot wait for her to wear these cute outfits.

GREAT JOB!  It's amazing how you really paid attention to my request in the comments section.

Thank you so much!

Rita G.
Houston, TX

Thank you, Buck and Buck!!! You always do such a great job! These pants have saved my father’s dignity, after suffering 35 years with Parkinson’s! Bless your hearts!

Ann S.
Redding, CA

Dear Buck & Buck,

We were thrilled with the speedy delivery of our order, and very happy with the quality and colours of the items. A special “thank you” to Dode for putting together our package with such care and efficiency.


N. K.
Elmira, ON, Canada

Dear Buck & Buck,

I take care of my Mom full time in my home. She has advanced Alzheimer’s, and I just want to say the adaptive snap back shirts have made a HUGE difference in my life, making things so much easier!

Thank you!

Rosie C.
Haileybury, ON, Canada

Dear Buck & Buck,

We lost our loved ones this past year, but I wanted to say how helpful your products were in helping my in-laws maintain their dignity to the end, and how helpful everyone at your company always was with our orders. We recommend you folks all of the time, as so many of our friends are now dealing with aging parents.

Thank you!

Knox G.
Seattle, WA

Dear Customer Service,

I want to thank you for your great products. My mother-in-law had dementia and my husband and I cared for her for many years. She wore the tops that snapped down the back. I don't know how I would have managed without them. Even though she has passed away and we no longer need your products, I will continue to recommend your company to others. Thank you...

Rosanne W.
Valley Grand, AL

Hi Dode! Thank you so much for your super job getting Loretta Lace’s gown to us. You are an angel in my book. You must love your job helping people that desperately need help! Love you and your company!!

Shirley L.
Wynne, AR

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you so much for providing our mom with such a high quality line of clothing. When my sisters and I ordered Mom’s Christmas presents from your fine company, you even included a beautiful Christmas Card, signed exactly as we worded it. Thank you for going the extra mile to make her present especially meaningful. Mom went home to be with Jesus on 12-15-21. She is no longer cold, and we are so happy for her!

Karen B.
Lincoln, NE

Thank you, Dode!

You and your team are so awesome! I don’t know if you all understand how important you all are to us. It is so imperative to me that our residents are dressed well and in quality clothing. We learned at a young age that looking good helps you feel good! (I believe that). You all’s service that allows us to bill makes this service so easy to provide. I know it’s a business but I appreciate you all’s professionalism and efficient service when we order.

P.S. and labeling the clothing is the icing on the cake!!!

Natasha B.
Benton, AR

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you for your wonderful line of clothing for my brother who has Alzheimer’s. His Adult Family Home caregivers said that the one piece jumpsuits have been so helpful for him, and a godsend for them. I also wanted to add that, because he’s such a huge sports fan, I ironed on a Washington Huskies emblem to one, and a Seattle Seahawks emblem to the other, and he loved them!!

Best Wishes!

Pam F.
Shoreline, WA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Honestly, I think your group has amazing customer service skills. You are always a delight to work with whether I am placing an order, searching for help, or returning an item. I have been doing so for over 12 years. That's quite a track record.

Warm regards!

Barbara J.
Masonic Home of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Good Morning Patty,

My husband did so well yesterday with his new clothing. The quality and workmanship are very good, the fit was a bit big because they are cotton, but I think they will tighten up. I am very pleased with your product. Ordering was simple, as was payment and delivery. The parcel came a day early and I got good quality clothing that my husband likes. Very pleased that I found Buck & Buck on the internet.
My husband seemed pleased with the choices you sent. I am going to see how these work for him. I will be ordering from you again, but will wait and see what we can learn from the current shirts he has. 

May I ask for another catalogue? Today I am going to have to search the home to "retrieve my catalogue" as it is the hottest reading material there right now.  

Most family members at my husband’s facility do not understand "adaptive clothing" and the home would like a copy of your catalogue for guidance with family members and hopefully to provide a good safe place to purchase adaptive clothing. This might help your business as well as give families a place to start. I spent months on the internet searching for adaptive clothing until I blundered into your business.

Some of the problems are that the companies do not have stock in 2XX, but they do not admit that so you spend weeks communicating with them with no result. Three companies kept me on the line for months, promising I could order at the end of the month when they would have new stock, but they never got any stock. Severe frustration for me as I started the search process in February.    

Buck & Buck made the whole process so simple. Thank you so much for showing that a business cares.

Wishing you a lovely day!

Catherine V.
Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Dear Buck & Buck,

Mom received her order yesterday as promised, and she was wearing the PJ’s already last night! I’m so appreciative of all your great customer service, and I would recommend you to anyone who had the same need.

Nona G.
Grants Pass, OR

Hello Dode,

I received the lovely floral dusters yesterday and I think my mother will love them for Mother's Day!  They are very pretty and we all appreciate they are made in the USA.  Because of the extra steps you took, the dusters arrived in time for me to gift-wrap them and ship them off to my mom who lives in an assisted living facility.  Your kindness and follow-up are deeply appreciated.

With best wishes,

Joan M.
Brookhaven, GA

Dear Buck & Buck,

In this day/age where good Customer Service is the exception and not the norm, you have proven that this is not the case with your company. As such, not only will I continue to patronize your business, I will spread the word to friends and family to buy Buck and Buck.

Special thanks again to Patty. Had it not been for attention to detail, my mom’s gift would have been delayed.

Keep up the great work guys.

Bert T.
Atlanta, GA

Dear Buck & Buck,

I would like to let you know I had a great experience today ordering from your company. Dode went above my expectations to help determine size and color of the dresses I would purchase. She went to the area of the dresses and described what was available. This is my first purchase from your company and it was impressive.

Follow-up comment:

We received the dresses and are very pleased with them. You have good taste!

Pam D.
Stoneham, MA

Dear Buck & Buck,

I am always pleased with the clothing bought for my sister through your company... the last group of 3 sets, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 tops from the separates and 2 nighties was no exception. They wash well, look neat and attractive, and she says they are really comfortable. That’s a home run! 

Thank you for offering these well made clothing items with easy access for those who have difficulty and for your excellent staff manning the phones to help us pick out items that aren’t pictured on line. Great job!

Mary H.
Waynesville, NC

My wife is a resident at a memory care facility in San Diego and her care-givers suggested that I should get her some Buck and Buck night wear because she was removing her nightgown at night and soiling her bed.  They suggested Buck and Buck.  I called and got Krista Williams on the phone.  She was more than helpful.  We made the deal and she was a great support and very helpful.  All companies need caring and dedicated employees, and I felt, during our brief conversation, that Krista was exactly what every company needs. 

Thank you for having such a great person to help me when I needed a lot of help.

David S.
San Diego, CA

Dear Buck & Buck,

You've helped my Mom to have a better standard of living. Thank you for your service. Your wonderful products and services are a godsend!

Angela J.
Forest Grove, OR


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary service you provide in a rushed and hurried world. I'll never forget when I was ordering clothes for my aunt and I made a mistake and didn't order an item petite and got a call very shortly after I placed my order to make sure I'd ordered what I wanted. Wow! She wore the clothes I bought from Buck and Buck proudly (and she was a clothes horse) and it was so much easier on her to dress her and change her.

I placed my first order for my mom recently and had it shipped to her house. I was flying up to see her so I figured I would wrap when I got here. Imagine my surprise when the present was wrapped and my message was handwritten in a lovely card. I had no idea that you would go above and beyond like this and I was truly stunned. 

My mom too is a clothes horse and when I mentioned to her care staff that I'd gotten adaptive clothing they were horrified. Because of that, I opened the clothing in front of three caregivers and mom's hospice nurse. I shared the catalog with the hospice nurse for her mother and the care team was excited about dressing my mom up for Christmas with the family. The hospice nurse was familiar with one of your competitors and was amazed at your clothing...and will be buying and recommending it to others. 

Sorry to go on so long but it's not often that one is lucky enough to stumble across a company that offers the products and the service that Buck and Buck offers. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas to your entire team.

Kate M.
Melbourne, FL

Dear Buck & Buck,

I have just received my order. I had indicated in the comments what I was looking for, but allowed you to use your discretion and availability to select for me. The sweat outfit you sent was absolutely perfect and included everything that was my first choice. I know my mother will love it at Christmas. Your customer service was very kind and helpful. Thank you again.

Karen A.
Port Angeles, WA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Finding Buck & Buck has been a tremendous blessing to me and to my Mom! The items I have purchased for her have all been of high quality and have the ability to withstand the harsh laundry at her healthcare center. They fit well, are affordable, and I appreciate your labeling them for me! Thank you!

Tami F.
Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Dode,

Just to let you know the dress and nightgown arrived today. They were both exactly as I needed for Mum. The nightgown you picked out was lovely, her name is Rose, so the pattern was perfect.

Thank you again. All the best.

Sally L.
Cambridgeshire, UK

Thank you very much, Dode! We're so grateful for your company: great products, great service, friendly people. It doesn't get any better than that. All the best!

Ann S.
Goleta, CA

To Customer Service Manager,

I have been a customer of Buck & Buck for several years. At this time, long overdue, I am writing to you to tell you of the excellent service your employee, Donna, has given to me. For years I have been purchasing items for my husband especially. Donna has helped me tremendously in finding the items needed for my husband. She is courteous, patient and generous with her time in order to satisfy my needs, which has made my life easier.

Donna represents Buck & Buck very well. She is the BEST. She deserves my thanks and your recognition as an excellent employee. I trust you'll share this complimentary letter with Donna.

Elizabeth C.
Millersville, MD

Dear Buck and Buck,

We received several items recently and are extremely pleased with quality and price. Do you have a way we can rate them? We would give all three items 5 stars. The quality of the flannel nightgown is exceptional. Thank you! We look forward to ordering from you again.

Curtis and Judy F.

Hi Dode,

Thank you for your persistence in reaching me yesterday. I am amazed at your customer service!! My family is passing along the link to your website to many. I do hair for a living and was crazy busy yesterday. I appreciate the level of customer care you give - that is how I try to do business - we'll enjoy bragging about you! 

Rita M.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I am just writing to say how happy we were with our recent purchases. The dresses are beautiful and Ms. Wedner was very happy with her new clothes. I was impressed with the good quality of the material and the slips were perfect.

We will be doing business again very soon. My only negative comment was involving the Post Office not delivering the package in a timely manner. I have sent a compliant. This of course was out of your control. Thank you again!

Marion R.

Dear Buck and Buck,

FYI – your company is just awesome. Irv recently was admitted into an assisted living facility and the clothes from Buck & Buck are literally a godsend for him. Even the staff comments on how nice they look – but the ease of Velcro vs. fumbling with zippers and buttons is awesome. Please know I am so very grateful!

Carisse H.

Dear Dode,

Thank you so much for keeping me updated in such a prompt manner. Your customer service is truly outstanding. I'm recommending your company's services to several of our agency houses, who's residents require adaptive clothing. I just can't say enough good things about your products, prices and service. Wish I had discovered you years ago. I hope you have a very good day. You certainly made mine much better.

P.S. I watched one of your videos for shoes. Great work, very talented.

Drenda B.

Dear Buck and Buck,

You guys are awesome!! We are a guardianship agency, and your website makes purchasing and paying for our clients’ items seamless. So thankful there's a company out there that understands what we do. Ultimately, is allows us to be of better service to our clients, and in a timely and effective manner.

Holly P., B.A., QDDP
West Saint Paul, MN

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you very much for your help. I received a printable copy of my order as promised. Thank you for your speedy reply.

It has been a real pleasure doing online business with your company. I can't believe all the options you give your catalog customers, and even offer to match shirts to pants, and have names imprinted in the clothing!! What service!!

Obviously, I have yet to receive my order, but I have really enjoyed shopping at Buck and Buck so far. Keep up the great work.

Mary C.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I recently received my order. The item was for my dad (who still needs to try them on). But I just wanted to say I was so pleased with the quality, the name tagging is a great thing, and the free hemming also a great idea. Your service is really what is needed for persons like myself and dad. The order shipped so quickly, and the price reasonable. Thanks very much.

Susie J.

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you so much for the prompt fulfillment of my order. The clothes far exceeded our expectations - my mother is thrilled with the fabrics, the fit, the colors and even a name tag! She loves the coat and the raincoat, especially. Your business is addressing a real need and your attention to the issues facing individuals living in assisted living settings (e.g., the frequent and caustic laundering; side zippers on trousers) is greatly appreciated by customers, families and caregivers alike.

Naomi B.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making the wonderful jumpsuits that were bought for the residents. The quality has been outstanding and they are fashionable in their own way. I appreciate your company's effort at making quality products that encourage dignity and self-respect.

Terri L.
Oyster Bay, NY

Dear Buck & Buck,

I wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with the products we ordered from your company. We got the Capri pants for my grandmother, which eliminates the problem of her stepping on the cuffs when one is trying to pull them up. We also got her the fleece sweater, which is warm and comfortable, has convenient pockets, and most importantly is incredibly easy to take on and off! Everything looks great - all of the colors are bright and vibrant and coordinate very well, and don't fade or bleed with frequent washing. Also, everything we ordered arrived very quickly. We will certainly be ordering from you again and would recommend your products to anyone looking to make dressing easier without sacrificing appearance or quality.

Nesta J.

Dear Buck and Buck,

Wish I knew about your company when my mother needed to be dressed. She passed away last year. I was on a constant search for adaptive clothing. It was so frustrating, going to medical supply stores with no luck and even tried online sights but never found a company like yours. Thank you so much for what you are doing. After almost 2 years of visiting my mother in an alzheimers/dementia care facility, I spent hours designing clothes in my mind and there is so much needed for people who take their clothes off randomly and suffer pain from getting dressed. Sadly, my mother died with me cutting all her clothes down the backs to drape on her and it could have been less traumatic for me had I known of your company. It would have given her more dignity as she declined. I will recommend you to all in need. You are brilliant in my opinion and I wish you much success!

Lydia A.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I was researching the internet and came across your website. I have looked in so many stores for geriatric clothing for my 95 year old aunt. It is impossible to find any type of clothing that is “easy” to put on for her. I was so pleased to find your website. I place my order painlessly and having the articles shipped directly to her. Also to add, it was so nice to be able to have her name in the clothing article at no charge!!! I am so happy I found your store. Thanks again!

Melissa P.
Carolina Beach, NC

Dear Buck & Buck,

I placed an order last week for three dresses and coordinating sweaters for my mother. I wanted to let you know how I appreciate your attention to all of the requests for colors and print sizes. Your choices were perfect. I know my mother will enjoy her new spring wardrobe. Thank you again.

Jeanne B.
Wichita, KS

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just want to thank you so much for shipping my order the very same day that I placed it. You are a terrific company!! 

Cindy S.
Topeka, KS

Dear Buck & Buck,

My Father has Parkinson's and Macular Degeneration, so it is very difficult for him to get dressed any longer. He is losing his independence and dignity with my Mother having to dress and care for him daily.

I had a friend tell me about your site, as well as other clothing sites for Senior Citizens. I looked at a couple of those sites before coming to yours. They were OK, but just didn't answer the need for which I was looking. Then I came to yours. What a blessing! Your website is so easy to navigate, pictures and descriptions are great, loads of information! Everything Dad and Mom will need to keep their independence and dignity for as long as possible. Thank you so much! I have already ordered a few things, and will return to order more.

You are an answered prayer! Blessings to you and yours,

Marsha W., "A Very Happy Customer!"

Dear Buck & Buck,

I placed an order mid-day on Wed. 2/07/07; it arrived shortly after noon on Thurs. 2/08/07!! I am very impressed! Your service is the standard to which all retailers should aspire. Thanks for your great service and products.

Becket L.
Gresham, OR

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just a quick note to let you know I received my order and was impressed by the quality of the poncho and the timeliness. Adding my dad's name to the garment was certainly a nice touch and very helpful. Thank you for your web site, it is very easy to navigate and finding items locally is impossible.

Mary H.

Dear Buck & Buck,

My order just arrived as you said. I wanted to let you know, it is so much better than we had hoped! Soft and cuddly. Perfectly labeled as per the nursing home requirement. Your company performs the greatest public service ever. Thank you so much!

Lisa T.

Dear Buck & Buck,

The package for Margaret arrived right on schedule. Thank you for your kindness regarding the shipping charge. We are so pleased with our first order from Buck & Buck. The colors, fabric, fit , and finish are everything we hoped for. The new outfits are a real morale boost for Margaret who turns 90 this Saturday. Her family is coming in from Florida and Texas for the party and it will mean a lot to her to be looking so chic. 

Again, thank you for everything. We will definitely be ordering from Buck & Buck in the future.

Pat M.

Dear Buck & Buck,

Surprised and delighted with my order from your company. It was delivered so quickly compared to other companies that seem to take forever.

My mom and I are so pleased with the 2 dresses. They are beautiful and reasonably priced, too. I am so glad I found your website. Rest assured, I will order from you again. I have you bookmarked on my computer. Thank you again for your prompt delivery and GREAT service.

Pam G.
Milwaukie, Oregon

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how delightful it is to do business with your company. The operators are always pleasant and helpful. The quality is great and the service is wonderful. Unfortunately, this is an attribute that is hard to find in business today. Please tell your employees how much we appreciate their hard work.

Debbie R.
Franklin, IN

Dear Buck and Buck,

I received my first order of clothing from your company earlier this week. My mother has Alzheimer's and recently began exhibiting disrobing behavior. The back zipping jumpsuits are a lifesaver. They are very nice looking, good quality & reasonably priced. I just wanted to say thank you for offering this line of products & I will be sure to share my positive experience with others. Thank you very much!

JoAnn V.
Overland Park, KS

Dear Buck and Buck,

Wonderful, workable, easy-to-use WEBSITE. You thought of EVERYTHING! Thank you.

Mary C.
Bellevue, WA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this company. I have looked everywhere for shirts to help my Grandpa keep his independence (and dignity!). What you do matters, and I am so very grateful.

Jordan V.
Alpharetta, GA

Dear Buck and Buck,

If your clothing is even half as good as your telephone service, I know we'll be delighted. The website was very helpful - and being new at this I then called to order. Mary was friendly, helpful, and checked on availability before we were done. The labeling is certainly a great extra. Thanks!

Colleen S.
Meredith, NH

Dear Buck and Buck,

Thank you so very much for your care and concern with this order. It is a true joy to know that in this busy day and age that there are still people who care. Many thanks.

Page M.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just wanted to thank you folks for your quickness and your willingness to accommodate a special request for my aunt. I am so impressed with you folks.

Stan & Kathy W.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I own a small travel agency and am thrilled with your customer service. I spend every day on the phone with people and you have been delightful to work with. Keep up the good work.

Anne Q.
Seattle, WA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just a thank you! I just received my dad's order for his long sleeved polo shirt with snap back. I was extremely impressed and pleased with the quality of the garment. My dad has Alzheimer's and although he is in a nursing home, my mom and I do not want him looking as though he is! We will definitely be ordering again and I will pass the word on to others in the home. Thank you for being sure my dad looks like my dad!

Fran G.
West Haven, CT

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just wanted you to know, that because of your efforts you have really improved my quality of life by completely eliminating my uncomfortable fidgeting. Your adaptive underwear was the thing that was missing in my life. You have a very satisfied life long customer.

Eric B.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just wanted to say thank you! When illness recently struck a family member, your company made all of the difference in the world. My grandmother was thrilled to tears with the beautiful dresses I had purchased for her from your company. You truly are an exceptional company with exceptional products and exceptional employees. I don’t know what we would do without you!

Donna J.
Bethlehem, PA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you so much for your excellent assistance. You have outstanding customer service skills. The shirt fit perfectly. The alterations were just right. My husband looked so handsome in the shirt.

Again, thank you. Oh, and if no one has told you, your company is a true blessing to many people.

Altangla Marie J.
North Chesterfield, VA

Dear Buck and Buck,

My mother compressed a vertebra in her back during a seizure. After returning to the assisted living home from the hospital it was apparent that dressing her in her usual clothing was very uncomfortable for her. The home asked that we order her some snap up clothing and handed us a Buck and Buck catalog.

What a treasure your company turned out to be. Your customer service is first rate. My sister and I could not believe that you had free I.D. labels (wonderful), AND the order arrived in 3 days!! Amazing!

The clothing is very nice quality. My mother is more comfortable and her caretakers are very happy to have a better way to dress her. Thank you Buck and Buck for making a difficult time easier for my mother and for our family!

Wendy H.

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you! I deal with so many businesses every day as I take care of the needs of my clients, and I honestly mean it when I say you are the most organized, efficient and friendly accommodating people I have ever met. I have never encountered ANYONE who didn’t know exactly how to help me better than you have. Thank you.

Elaine R., NRG
Belmont, MI

Dear Buck & Buck,

It’s just nice to deal with nice people this day and age. You’re a breath of fresh air and a big plus for me to help me handle Mom’s Alzheimer’s so efficiently. Greatly appreciated!

Amy M.
Providence, RI

Dear Buck & Buck,

Merry Christmas! And thanks for your wonderful line of adaptive senior clothing. It has been a tremendous help.

Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the clothing and shoes that I recently purchased from Buck & Buck for my mother. They arrived the day we were going to visit her (about an hour away) and I grabbed the box off the porch and put it in the car. My husband and I enjoyed opening it after we arrived at mom's home. You all did an outstanding job putting together a very nice wardrobe. It was amazing to me that the items you picked were actually things like my mom used to wear years ago! I especially liked the turquoise poly top w/ the white print and the navy/turquoise print on white poly top...they were beautiful! I am very pleased with the quality of the clothing too. Thank you for helping me get my order placed and for providing this much needed service at a very reasonable price. It is important to me that my mom look as nice as possible, even if she is not really aware of it, and you have helped me accomplish that!

Emily L.

Dear Buck and Buck,

Thank you ever so much for such wonderful service for many years now. Our mom and now my sister are enjoying things from you. I was still with my sis when my order came in just 3 days! Your business is Outstanding, and again, I thank you.

Maryann C.

Dear Buck and Buck,

Just a thank you! I just received my dad's order for his long sleeved polo shirt with snap back. I was extremely impressed and pleased with the quality of the garment. My dad has Alzheimer's and although he is in a nursing home, my mom and I do not want him looking as though he is! We will definitely be ordering again and I will pass the word on to others in the home! Thank you for being sure my dad looks like my dad!

Francesca G.

Dear Julie and Bill Buck,

Wanted to share some photos and my appreciation for my first encounter recently with ordering clothes from Buck & Buck.

Early last November, I came across your website through a Google search for elderly clothing. Your "About Us" page and the variety of thoughtful, functional, affordable (!), and attractive (!) clothing was a gold mine for me. And the simple fact that you include a personalized label in the garment totally hooked me, knowing that you truly do understand the clothing needs for elderly residents in a nursing home and care facility. Mom currently lives in the Alzheimer's unit of a care facility that she moved into over 10 years ago, following her initial Alzheimer's diagnosis. Since then, she has moved through the facility's various levels of care, from independent living through assisted living, etc.

With Mom's 90th birthday coming up in late November and our plans for a big party in her honor, I placed an online order on November 16 with Buck & Buck, so she'd have a variety of new outfits to "wow" all the family members coming to town to help celebrate her big day. But, oh my... I miscalculated the timing for the arrival of her new clothes via UPS in time for her 90th debut on November 27 (I didn't account for the Thanksgiving holiday). I realized this after placing my order online and monitoring the tracking info that Buck & Buck and UPS provided. So, on November 22 -- just five days before Mom's birthday -- I called your customer service number…

Julie, I figure I talked to you, since "Julie" is the name I wrote down as the person responding to my phone call. You generously took the time to understand my predicament and come up with a solution: mail a dress via USPS express mail. Sure enough, the PERFECT color and style of dress (per your suggestions) arrived just in time for the party. Mom was gorgeous, she FELT gorgeous, and family members who hadn't seen her in a while were thrilled with how good she looked.

The party was a wonderful success. Over 40 family members traveled from near and far to help celebrate. Although Mom no longer recognizes her loved ones, she certainly recognizes happy, welcome faces and a rollicking good time.

Thank you for helping make our family's special event even more memorable with a dress for Mom that TOTALLY fit her personality and the occasion.

Meanwhile, my initial November 16 online order from Buck & Buck came through just fine via UPS, and all of the items have been exactly what we've needed.

I look forward to ordering more clothes for Mom from Buck & Buck. And I enjoy passing along the Buck & Buck name and your website to staff and family members at Mom's care facility.

Best wishes to you and yours in 2011 and beyond, and to Buck & Buck's continued services and success.

Nancy P.
The Birthday Girl in her new dress from Buck & Buck, celebrating with daughter Nancy and other beloved family members and friends.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how wonderful all of the staff have been every single time I have called! I work in Social Services in a nursing home, and make several orders each year, and I am always very impressed with how professional and courteous your staff are. Thank you!

Charee K. , Social Services
North Branch, MN

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just received my recently placed order and felt compelled to contact you. Thank you. The clothing is of incomparable quality, and it's pretty!! My mother is currently suffering with Alzheimer's, and her caregivers have requested adaptive clothing. I went online to find such clothing and was discouraged and distressed ... until I found your site. Most of the sites depicted garments that I certainly would not want to see my mom wearing. She was a lovely and fashionable woman. Although she is no longer aware of what she's wearing, we want to maintain her dignity with attractive and good quality clothing. You have helped us to achieve that goal. Again, thank you so very much.

Debbie M.
Lancaster, PA

Dear Buck and Buck,

I am writing to compliment you on your exemplary customer service. My sister ordered (another) outfit from your company, one that specifically meets the needs of mom's limited mobility; it is a birthday gift/outfit for her 88th birthday. My sister did not think that it would make it in time for mom's birthday party, but she wrote a note in the comments section of the order about how much it would mean to us if you could expedite the order. To our amazement not only did you get the package to us in time (and it is perfect), but someone took the additional time to include a birthday card. It made us all weep in gratitude. 

You obviously realize how important it is to families to provide our loved ones with comfortable, attractive, and functional clothing. But, we are amazed and thankful for the extra effort that your employees made to help make today a special day for our mom and her children. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Renee M., on behalf of my sisters Sharon, Pam, and Brenda.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just wanted to say thank you for creating a website that is incredibly user friendly. Each encounter I’ve had with your staff has been very pleasant. In the work that I do with nursing home residents there are often many obstacles I face in assisting them, and it is very refreshing to visit a company (via the internet) that seems to be mindful of the elders and their needs. Thank you again,

Jeri Y., Social Worker

Dear Buck and Buck,

My family has been ordering your clothing line for my mom since she had a stroke in August. Those who care for her appreciate the ease of the snap design. I appreciate the labels and how well the clothing holds-up with frequent washing. My mother loves the fabric feel and colors. She feels lovely daily, even in a wheelchair. Thank you so very much for knowing and designing exactly what we needed.

Jo O.
Hereford, TX

Dear Dode,

I couldn't resist writing a blog post about your wonderful company and the fantastic customer service provided to me by you! I really appreciate you and your company, and hope you pass this along to the owner as a thank you from me to both of you. Thanks!


Trish H. K. caregiving. family. advocacy

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just ordered for the first time and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with what you offer. Your willingness to accommodate and to help make having a good quality of life easier for a person with needs brought tears to my eyes. It’s so very hard to watch someone lose their independence, and every little thing that they can do for themselves means so much. I believe that your adaptive clothing will make a world of difference! Thank you! Thank you!

Dorothy L.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful quality of my mother's clothing. She absolutely loved them. I'll definitely be ordering 
more from you! Top-notch service!

Deb P.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the men's twill adaptive khaki pants. I bought two pair for my Dad for Father's Day and we were both so happy with the quality and fit. I especially want to thank Mary in customer service, who patiently guided me through the process and made valuable recommendations. So many people have commented on his pants with the zipper on the inside seam to fit over his cast and asked me where I bought them. We're happy customers! Thank You!

Jean R.
Beecher, IL

Dear Buck and Buck,

I gave my 95 year old mother your 100% cotton cable knit cardigan sweater for Christmas and she absolutely loved it! Thank you for making such high quality items for our older citizens.

Donna M.

Dear Buck & Buck,

Being the only daughter I was assigned the task of finding new nightgowns for my elderly mother, now residing in a nursing home. My mother is a tall woman so most of the nightgowns online and in the stores are either too young and revealing, or they are sized for shorter and heavier women. I must be the only female on the planet that hates shopping for myself, much less shopping for other people, and the task left me frustrated and stressed, compounded by the multiple requests from the nursing home staff while I was coming up blank. In desperation, I finally searched online for “old lady nightgowns” and then I found Buck & Buck. I could NOT be more pleased with the merchandise or the caring and personalized customer service. Bonus…the nightgowns arrived super fast…and they FIT!

Vanessa K.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I wanted to say thanks! The pants and socks I ordered for my uncle arrived so quickly! And you combined the orders, even though I placed them separately. I truly appreciate your excellent service. Trying to get him to wear these nice garments is like trying to get the Democrats and Republicans to pass effective legislation. He will go to church or to visit his wife in the nursing home in the most raggedy old clothes he can find. The one time he wore the first pair of pants I sent him from Buck and Buck, everybody commented about how nice he looked. He hasn't worn them since. (^_^). You can lead a horse to water.....”

Betty H.
North Little Rock, AR

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just received my LARGE package from the company. Loved it all. It was like Christmas morning delivering the new clothing to my residents. Thank you so much. Extremely fast turn-around from ordering to delivery. Thank you.

Roberta W., Social Services Designee
Ellicott City, MD

Dear Buck & Buck,

Hello, my name is Dee and I ordered the solution slipper. Oh my gosh what a relief! I think I have bought and sent back 8 or more pairs of shoes. they say they are XXwide....nope and that they are double depth but they won't fit my foot! They never make the straps long enough....but then I came across you in a search...most that say extra wide also make the heel so wide they won't stay on....and they put the Velcro on wrong so that it snags pants and long dresses....but then I found you and ordered #44X and everything is perfect!!! The heel fits, they stay on my feet and they accommodate my extremely swollen foot. And they do not make my feet stink. I just cannot rave enough about this slipper. The only critique is that more people need to know about soon as I save the money I will also be ordering #45L...I hope you never stop carrying these shoes.....maybe add some more girly colors (lol yep I am 69 but still love color violet, deep pink. So just thank you, thank you.


Dear Buck & Buck, 

Dad’s shirts and socks arrived today and they are beautiful colours. The colours are all different from the previous orders, so thank you! I love the green polo shirts, he will look so smart. I am a very happy customer from Australia and the delivery was quick. Buck and Buck is a professional company with supportive and friendly staff so pass this on to your manager please.

Vicki K.
Castle Hill NSW, Australia

Dear Patty,

I really appreciate the way you do business. As you clearly understand, each client has a unique situation and each person who is trying to help a client has unique challenges too. Your flexibility is appreciated!

Gail F.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I would like to thank you for the pajamas I received for my mother. Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt. I am very happy with the quality of the pjs and the fact that you also label them is an added bonus. Thanks again.

Anne S.
Sandy Beach, NSW, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I just wanted to thank you for having the best clothes and the best prices and the BEST website!!! I thought I had ordered the wrong size for my mom and then I remembered the last time I did that, one of your gracious people helped me and told me where I could find my past orders!!! That is so wonderful!! Once again, thank you! You make it easy to keep my mom the dressed up “diva” she is with your wonderful merchandise! God Bless You!

Diana V. and mom (Antoinette F.)

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know what great service we received from Buck and Buck! I ordered the men's EZ fit slippers for my uncle and they were fantastic. Easy to order, arrived on schedule and fit perfectly. I never knew your place existed and we had exhausted our search of "local" stores for shoes/slippers that would fit. Then I just googled "slippers for people with swollen feet" (or something like that) and BINGO! You are lifesavers! Thank you so much!

Cheryl J.

Dear Buck & Buck,

The packages arrived in Sitka yesterday…last night for me. I’m told they were nicely wrapped and there was a card. This is the third year I’ve ordered my mom’s Christmas gifts from Buck and Buck, and I just want to say Thank You and Merry Christmas! 

Adria B.
Schnecksville, PA

Dear Buck and Buck,

My sister (Carol Albright) and I have purchased numerous items from your company. A few had issues with the zippers that required repair. I am very impressed and grateful to your customer service department and the repair team. The customer service reps that I spoke with were always very pleasant and helpful. The items were repaired and returned quickly. I appreciate the fact that the company took responsibility for the defective zippers. Not many companies these days do the right thing and repair the items. Thank you

Marian S.

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I received my dad’s order this morning and have taken the clothes to him this afternoon. Thank you for the colours you chose, they were great – nice and bright. I’m extremely happy.

Kathleen J.

Good Morning Dode,

A quick note to let you know that my order arrived today. I can't thank you enough for the great service. I'm also very pleased with the products... excellent colour choice for T-shirt.

A very happy Ozzie customer.

Maitland, NSW

Dear Patty,

Today, I was able to place an order for the item referenced in the link you provided. Fortunately, I called within the time frame for phone orders.

SIMONE was the associate who assisted me. She was FANTASTIC! Please relay that assessment to her supervisor.

I ALSO appreciate the timely and helpful response you provided to my inquiry. Both of you made my day. Thank you!

Mary R.

Thank you so much, folks! These clothes are lasting a very long time under some harsh laundry conditions! Very grateful for your website and your service.

Tami F.
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Buck & Buck,

Your side zip men's sweats are terrific! Thank you for making helpful items for the person with a disability and their care giver.

Victoria S.
Rochester, MN

Dear Buck & Buck, 

My father just received the pants I ordered for him. He and my mother are so excited for him to be able to wear something that looks like the clothes he was used to wearing before his health declined. He feels more like himself now. The putter pants have raised his spirits. Thank you for your products.

Brittain S.
Fuquay Varina, NC

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you for the update. Buck and Buck is the absolute best company when it comes to product and customer service. 

Carolyn R.
Wentzville, MO

Dear Buck & Buck,

You all make our lives, and our client's lives more wonderful each day. Thank you for providing such a sorely needed and exceptional service ~ I LOVE Buck & Buck!!!

Heidi C., MA, CMC, Care Manager
San Francisco, CA

Dear Buck and Buck,

I would like to compliment Dode Holdsworth for exceptional customer service. She actually emailed photos of available stock in order prepare a difficult order for my father, who has worn your clothing for years now. Thank you for setting a high standard in a difficult industry.

William C., Jr.

Dear Buck and Buck,

My Dad, Rusty Carpenter, is in the very center of this picture – wearing the red sports shirt with the Velcro closures. I think he looks very handsome!

He is 87 years old and is genuinely thrilled with the shirts and pants. I just ordered 4 more shirts and 2 more pairs of pants. 

Sally C. B.

Dear Dode,

Thought you’d like to see a picture of my mother when she tried on the cranberry top you hunted down for her. She really likes it. The round neck works very well. My mother turned 90 last November. Thanks again for all your help.

Karen B.


I placed an order last Thursday and my father received the shirts yesterday (Monday the 15th). He had surgery last Thursday on his hand and just loves the two shirts that I purchased. I just wanted to let you know that the shirts were great and the customer service was fantastic. Wish I could remember who I spoke with on Thursday but she did a wonderful job picking out the color for the flannel shirt. The shirts arrived days earlier than expected, which really helped out as he cannot use one hand to button. 

Thank you again and I will be sure to mention your company to anyone who has a need for your products. If there is a review place on your website, please let me know and I will also comment there.

George L.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I have today received the 3 singlets. Thank you for your great service and also for the catalogue. Mum will love looking at the options for a few more clothes and at such reasonable prices. You have made an old lady very happy. Cheers!

Carol B.
Walkerston QLD, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck, 

You guys are awesome!! We are a private guardianship agency, and your website makes purchasing and paying for our clients items, seamless. So thankful there's a company out there that understands what we do. Ultimately, it allows us to be of better service to our clients in a timely and effective manner.

Holly P., B.A., QDDP

I have been ordering from you for years for my sister who is in a nursing facility. Your products are wonderful, and I am so glad that you are back to work during this time. Your products make her life much easier, and her “neighbors” often complement her when she gets new items from Buck & Buck. Of course, she is more than happy to share her catalog with them (and has given copies to the social work as well!) Thank you, and stay safe!

Kathryn O.
Warminster, PA

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I recently ordered clothing from you for my mother who has end-stage dementia. She is chair-bound and unable to do anything for herself. My mother was always a very careful dresser and is allergic to man-made fibre. Here in the UK, there is practically no accessible clothing made from 100% cotton, nor is much of the clothing attractive or appropriate. Before becoming ill, my mother was a very picky, slim, retired teacher with a wardrobe full of lovely clothes. Recently, we have struggled to find her anything vaguely appropriate to put on. I’m therefore writing to thank you. Your company has enabled us to choose styles and fabrics that Mum would have picked herself. Her carers are delighted that my mum is now comfortable and that dressing her is so much easier and pain free. The simple additions you offer, such as name tapes, have made my life much easier too, now that I no longer have to do this!

I don’t usually write letters like this, but caring for someone with dementia is really hard and feels unremitting at times. The prompt arrival of your very pretty clothes really cheered me up this week. That, and the fact you have lightened my elderly father’s day each time he’s made his daily visit to my mother this week. It has been worth every penny. All best wishes and congratulations on such a wonderful business.

Kate N.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear Buck and Buck,

Just a note to say that the two pairs of light weight sweat pants I received from you are exactly as described on your website and exactly what I wanted. Light weight and VERY soft and comfortable. I couldn't be more pleased.

Now that I'm retired and can wear what I want, I practically live in sweat pants, but generic ones are too warm in the summer and in homes and buildings that are over heated in the winter. And, it's not easy finding light weight ones.

I'm glad I found you in a web search and will definitely be saving your URL for future use.

Dave K.
Manassas, Virginia

My mother passed away peacefully in her sleep August 18th. She loved the tops from Buck and Buck and was able to wear them for a few months.  All the prints were quite lovely and she looked adorable in them. The snap back design was very helpful for dressing her since she was completely bedridden since March.  I am very happy that I purchased them for her. I wish I had purchased this type of clothing earlier in the journey.

Mary W.
Pleasant Prairie, WI

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just wanted to let you know that your shoes, slippers, and socks, in particular, have been a real blessing in my life. I recommend your online store to anyone I know who might be helped by it. Without the Pullman edema shoes, I would have great difficulty even getting out of my house. I felt the need to let you know that it’s not just a business you run, but you all do a GOOD work for others. THANK YOU!

Bonnie C.

Dear Buck and Buck,

I really appreciate the way you do business. As you clearly understand, each client has a unique situation and each person who is trying to help a client has unique challenges too. Your flexibility is appreciated! 

Thank you so much for your assistance and for such a positive interaction over the phone! Over the past two months I have spent untold hours on the phone with representatives from insurance companies trying to hammer out errors: if only 50% of those conversations could have been as pleasant as the one with you! Anne Frantz

Anne F.
Canton, MI

Dear Buck & Buck,

My order arrived today and I would like to say how impressed I am with your efficient organisation and delivery. It has been a pleasure to order through your company. Thank you, Dode.

Janet N.
Arcadia NSW, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I don't often write to companies, especially not with praise. But I feel the need to say thank you to Buck and Buck. Two years ago, my father had a stroke. It has been a struggle to help him regain a sense of normalcy. For a majority of those two years, he's been living in sweatpants because they were the only way he could dress himself. For a stroke survivor, something as simple as dressing oneself generates a sense of independence and self-worth. But being limited to sweats was hard for my father, who before the stroke wore button downs, jeans, and dress pants. Your company has provided him with the opportunity to dress himself in the clothing he prefers with the independence he needs. Your clothing has given my father back a sense a pride and dignity in his appearance. I can't thank you enough for creating quality adaptable clothing that helped my father feel like himself again. We look forward to incorporating more of your pieces into his wardrobe. The boost in my father's self-esteem is remarkable. Thank you for great, quality products!

Kristin B.
Saylorsburg, PA

Dear Buck and Buck, 

Your delivery yesterday of two pair of zipper-equipped slacks that fit over my leg cast was an immense morale boost. What a difference to ditch the oh-so-stylish sweats for something that looks good in public, is entirely comfortable, and very easy to negotiate, broken leg or no. On top of that, the folks on the phone were thoughtful, helpful and entirely proactive – the very definition of great service.

You know, there are a few companies that target this market, but I was surprised to find the paucity of options available to the temporarily disabled (interesting that my orthopedic surgeon’s office didn’t have any suggestions either; perhaps an opportunity for some messaging in that direction, as well?). Not for nothing, but I’d sure think Buck & Buck could make serious headway by focusing specifically on the newly limb-challenged. To be sure, you know exactly where to find us on line—we’re searching “how long will it take to get back on my feet” about 100 times a day. Heartfelt appreciation.

Jef L.

Follow up from Anna...

My mum’s face lit up when she saw the beautiful prints, the front pockets and the zipper. The dresses are roomy, crisp and comfy. She has Alzheimer’s and her reaction was priceless.

All I have to do is put the hem up because she is stooped over and a little short, but not an issue at all.

Thanks again!                                                      

Anna P.
Sidney, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck, 

You are still nailing customer service and quality! I have been ordering clothes from Buck and Buck for years, first as a professional for my residents (like 1996ish), and now for my mom. This was my first order for my mom-my sister is a nurse (her first Buck and Buck experience) and we both are very impressed with the quality of the clothing. I have always been impressed when I've asked you all to "pick"colors to match. The other senior and adaptive clothing companies don't compare to you guys. Also, what brick and morter store can you buy sweats and winterish clothes in 90 degree weather. Thanks guys-many more years of service!


Dear Buck & Buck, 

Great thanks! I’ll be ordering some more now online. Excellent customer service! Buck & Buck is wonderful and makes it easier for the facility to take care of my mother. It also gives me piece of mind that one-piece outfits really work out well. Again thank you for all your help. I’ll be a regular customer! 

Sharon F.
Boca Raton, FL

Dear Buck & Buck, 

My mother's dresses just arrived, we are so pleased with the patterns you picked, I'm sure she will enjoy them too. Regards...

Margaret D.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I have to say, your company is amazing!  I can't believe you do the clothing labeling, but it's still returnable, and that you hem free of charge, and that I can return unworn items without worrying about a tight returns window.  You seem to have done everything you can to make life a little easier for caregivers, as well as our loved ones.  Thank you!

Liz O.
Lebanon, OH

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you for letting me know but I will just wait for both slippers ordered. Good news - they found my dad’s missing slipper. You and your company provide excellent customer service during a time when it seems like a lost art!

Vicki G.
Silver Spring, MD

Dear Buck & Buck,

I work in a facility, and I recommend your products to everyone that is asking about where and what shoes to buy. We are a non-profit facility and your products are cost effective and good quality. If you ever would like to donate some clothes or shoes, we would take them. I have a ton of models here that would proudly model them! Thank you for making these wonder products!

Harlan B.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just received my order and couldn't be more pleased. The order was for my son who is 26 and has down syndrome. It's the first time he's worn jeans or cargo pants since he was about 12. I'm so happy they could be hemmed to 26 inches.. He looks great!

Valerie O.
ON, Canada

Dear Patty,

My Father called last night and the pants have arrived and he loves them. Says they fit perfectly, are the correct length and are warm. He stated “they are the best ones you have bought me yet!” And because his name was in them already, he didn’t have to give them to the laundry and wait for them to label them when they had a moment. I imagine doing laundry in a nursing home, there are many moments to be had. Again thank you for such a great product and services. I will be getting his pants from you from now on.

Heather M.
Ashford, CT

Dear Buck & Buck, 

In the last few years I have ordered many items for my mother, who lived in a nursing home in Pennsylvania. My mother passed away recently at the age of 100 years and 10 months. I just wanted to thank you for the good service we experienced over the years. May God continue to bless your company.

Albuquerque, NM

Dear Buck & Buck, 

This is to thank you so much for the special order you filled on the Snuggie Boots for my son. They fit really well and are perfect for what we needed. Thank you for going that extra mile for my son!

Laura J.
Sylacauga, AL

Good morning,

I’d like to let you know how much my grandmother enjoyed your clothing; style, quality, and fit. She loved looking through the catalog and picking out new items. Even at age 96, she cared about how she looked. Thank you for providing our much loved family members another opportunity to show them how much we all care.

Michelle M.
Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Buck & Buck is doing such good work for our elders and those with disabilities.

Hendle R.
Austin, TX

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just want to say that I am so pleased with these pants and the service you provide, especially hemming the pants to the exact length we need. This is our 3rd order of these pants for my husband. I just want to tell you how perfect these pants are for him, and I appreciate your fine service. I do mention your company to other folks who have a need for adaptive clothes. Thanks for being a company that cares for people with special needs!  

Marilyn B.
Middleton, WI

Dear Buck and Buck,

Just a quick note to express how pleased we are with your company and it’s wonderful customer service! My sister and I have placed several orders the last few years (usually for our mother’s birthday and Christmas) and have never been disappointed. You go out of the way to provide wonderful products and product support. We especially appreciate the complimentary labeling and the ease of online ordering. It is a pleasure doing business with Buck and Buck…you really do care.

K. C.

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I just wanted to thank you for the clothing you make. My Mother passed away, but each time someone came to see her she was in a nightgown with her earrings on. She always looked so nice. The bed jacket I ordered allowed us to keep the AC on without complaints of her being too cold. I work in a hospital and wish they would make gowns like yours for the patients, instead of hospital standard issue. Though we won't be doing business with you for now, I will be very happy to recommend your website for other family members in the same position. Thank you again.

Elizabeth L.

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I just have to write and tell you how impressed I am with your company. I purchased 2 sweaters early this week for my mother who is in assisted living. They arrived today much to my surprise and delight, not only that, but the sweaters are wonderful. Beautiful colors and quality. Thank you, I will continue to shop with you now that I have discovered you. 

Ida A.

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank YOU all for providing this product. I’ve seen other onesies from another company and they were very poorly made and had no obvious regard for personal dignity. These people are sick but in their hearts they still want to look nice. My mother in law always cared about the way she looked and knew how to pull herself together. I know she appreciates the beautiful colors and the comfort these provide. And her care givers really appreciate having less messes to clean up. We look forward to receiving these, Cathy, thanks again.   

Carleen G.
St. Petersburg, FL

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I’d like to tell you how nice it is to have found your website. I am caring for my 93 year old mother and it was becoming a challenge trying to fit her with appropriate clothing. Not only are the clothes beautiful, but they are of great quality. The winter pajamas and everyday wear are plush, warm and wash well. Nothing like this in department stores. I am proud to give as gifts and continue to share my good find with those I know!

Tami C.

Dear Buck & Buck, 

My Mom was in a nursing home in Massachusetts until her passing a few days after this past Christmas. A few years ago I discovered your website and began ordering clothes for her. My sister followed suit. Initially, Mom was able to express her appreciation for the clothes, but as time went on and she slipped into dementia, she became unaware of most things. When Mom went to a nursing home she was the best dressed person there! It was a point of pride with us to make sure that our Mom always looked good. Her dresses and jackets were reasonably priced, colorful and well made, and repeated laundering did not negatively affect their appearance or serviceability. Anytime we had questions about colors or quality, your representatives were able to assist us. For this we are supremely grateful and want to express our thanks to your company and its employees. 

Gabrielle C.
Redmond, WA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. The package arrived beautifully wrapped and the garments are exactly what we wanted. Ordering was easy and the whole experience was a pleasure. I will be recommending Buck and Buck to everyone I know.  

Tracy J.
Glenside, PA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our order! We ordered 4 dresses, 2 skirts and 2 tops. My Mother has Alzheimer’s and cannot dress herself. She also has difficulty standing. Trying to take things off over her head was getting harder and harder. We ordered the back snap items and dressing her is so much easier on her as well as us. The material is good quality and soft and the fit is perfect. They also launder beautifully. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase and will order again. I couldn’t find a place for reviews on your site but wanted you to know how happy we are with your product. Would love to see soft denim wrap skirts and some bright yellow shirts/dresses. Keep up the good work.

Sharon M.
Boonville, IN

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I want you to know how very pleased I am with your product and service. Until I found your company I had to purchase this type of pants at stores. They shrunk, bagged, faded, did not last long and very limited choice of colors. Your quality is wonderful as well as the colors, labeling, shortening and customer service. And best of all they are made in the USA. I will highly recommend your company. Thank you so much.

Carole S.

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Just want to say how awesome you people are. I am so impressed by everything you do. First, I called up to place an order. Even though it's been a few years since I had placed one, the customer service person on the phone had my address and telephone number ready in seconds. Next, I saw on the website that I would have to wait until after Christmas for my order as it was backordered till January. I was a little disappointed but nevertheless, OK with giving my mother one of her gifts after Christmas. Well, what do you think was on my doorstep yesterday? I guess the backorder came in and Buck & Buck shipped it immediately, priority (without me even having to ask!), so I had my order by Christmas. I wish all my dealings with retailers were that easy and pain free. Mom will be able to open her present on Christmas. Thanks! I love you guys! Merry Christmas.

Helen O.
Mahwaw, NJ

Dear Buck & Buck,

FYI – your company is just awesome. Irv was recently admitted into an assisted living facility and the clothes from Buck & Buck are literally a godsend for him. Even the staff comments on how nice they look – but the ease of VELCRO vs fumbling with zippers and buttons is awesome!

Cindy C.
Frisco, TX

Hello Krista,

My order arrived today. Thank you so much. I am really pleased with the nightshirt, will be ordering more as well as some shirts as soon as I have time to go through the catalogue. Regards.

Julia S.
Maitland, NSW

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you so very much and I will be ordering from Buck & Buck again. Your company has such a good reputation.

Katherine M.
Sterling, AK

Just to let you know my mother and the whole family LOVE her shoes. I live in Scotland UK so I haven't seen them but am so glad I chose your company. My mother has recently become confined to a wheelchair and badly needed some new shoes. I want her to look smart. And her new shoes are perfect. Thank You.

Lenore G.
Lowtherton, Great Britain

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I always look forward to your catalog; I'll be ordering Dad some of your socks shortly. I've searched locally for just the right kind, but without success. I knew where to turn. At our foot appointments, I've mentioned your site and supplies to the podiatrists.

Jack R.
Portland, OR

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I loved using your products for my mother and now for myself. You continue to maintain your excellent quality control.

Marilyn M.
Yakama, WA

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Just wanted to thank you for making it so easy to shop on your website. Having my last order readily available made my reorder super fast and easy, leaving me enough time to email and sing your praises! Your merchandise is excellent quality, as is the shopping experience. With appreciation...

Debbie C.
Avon, CT

Dear Buck & Buck,

I love your company. I have shared your catalog with other friends who are caring for very elderly parents and are themselves senior citizens.

Lynda R.
Durham, NC

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Thanks for taking time to get the colors and patterns I think she will LOVE! Also, thank you for providing a wonderful service for our seniors who have different needs in their stage of life. The tagging and matching service provides caregivers some relief in their duties. We will look forward to receiving the order!

Pam M.
Bristow, VA

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I just wanted to say thank you! When illness recently struck a family member, your company made all of the difference in the world. My grandmother was thrilled to tears with the beautiful dresses I had purchased for her from your company. You truly are an exceptional company, with exceptional products, & exceptional employees. I don't know what we would do without you! Thanks again! 

Donna J.
Bethlehem, PA

Dear Buck & Buck,

Thank you for making clothing like this. My dad is 88 and still takes great pride in how he dresses. It's so wonderful to have options for those who are having difficulty dressing themselves. It provideds them with more dignity and confidence.

Newton, MA

Dear Buck & Buck,

I just want to express my appreciation for the recent order you filled. I had asked for an outdoor theme and the individual who did the picking picked a t-shirt with trees on it and a saying by John Muir - could not have been better! My husband was a forester and loves the color green, so this is PERFECT T-SHIRT for him. MANY THANKS FOR AN ORDER WELL FILLED.

Susan V. A.
Ogden, UT

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Thank you. My mother now has several of these adaptive sets and the aides in her nursing home love them! Dressing Mom is no longer painful and several have shared your catalog with the families of other residents.

Pat P.
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Dear Buck & Buck,

I placed my order for Item #45J, Ambulatory Edema Shoes - Unisex by phone, so it doesn't show up under My Account. I want to thank you for having these available. My father's feet are swollen enough that normal shoes don't work for him anymore; luckily you have exactly what we needed. The edema shoes are adaptable and comfortable, and will make the difference when he needs to go somewhere.

Jack R.
Portland, OR

Hi Krista,

Thank you so much for my order which arrived at my front door at 9-35am today Fri 9th Oct. I can not tell you how much your great service and clothing is appreciated and more so during this difficult time of the C 19 virus. Your color selection ticked all the boxes, so once again many thanks.

Take care & stay safe,


One very happy Aussie customer.

Julia S.
NSW, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Thanks for your assistance - your website is fantastic & such pretty clothing for our older loved ones. Pretty clothes lift the spirit & we need our Mum to start feeling uplifted so when this parcel arrives it will help enormously xxx

Judy G.
Sydney NSW, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck,

I received my order this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. Everything I ordered for my mother is absolutely fabulous. I cannot wait to take it with me tomorrow to show her. I will be ordering again.

Thank you so much!

Anna P.
Sidney, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck,

I have been buying my husband’s clothing from Buck and Buck for well over a year now. He is always complimented on them and I am always asked where I purchased them. They are good quality and they hold up through the many washings they need to have. The staff, when I've called is so nice and they've called me to verify what I would like if they are not sure. Shipping is quick too.

Jeanie W.
Plainfield, CT

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Excellent! Thank you so much for really outstanding customer service. I was truly dreading finding a "one-stop shop" where I could order all this for a woman I have never actually met in person and who lives, literally, all the way across the country from me. The cousin who is the go-between on this got the name of your company from the nursing home staff. It was, obviously, an excellent referral. Thank you again!


Dear Buck & Buck, 

Felt the need to write you again! I was so comfortable in the sweater and muumuu my husband bought me. I was a few days post-surgery and it was good to wear pretty, as well as, comfortable clothes. Received under garment order today... so comfortable! Have been wearing clothes that press on my incisions from several abdominal surgeries. Had no idea there were adaptable clothes available to me. Looking forward to next order which consists of day dresses, jumpers and blouses. Totally re-doing wardrobe. Will be buying slacks and track pants next month! Tearful, happy! Thank you.

Mrs. Elizabeth B.
Courtrice, Ontario, Canada

Hello, Julie,

I don't remember when I have had such a pleasant, personal experience shopping online. Thank you for making me feel like a valued customer (rather than part of a herd).

Best wishes.

Kind regards,


Dear Buck & Buck, 

Thanks for getting back to me - I actually called about an hour ago and got it all straightened out. Your company is the most helpful company I have ever dealt with - it is a pleasure to do business with you. I am so glad I discovered Buck and Buck - my mother-in-law has been in a nursing home for several years and I have had such a tough time finding clothes for her in retail stores. Will be giving you more business in the future! Thanks again!

Crystal Q.
Shakopee, MN

Dear Buck & Buck,

So pleased with the Easter dress and sweater my husband bought me from your store. Will be buying all my clothes from you. Just had foot surgery for bunion and spur, also have arthritis. Will be buying footwear for edema problems once I am mobile. God bless.

Mrs. Elizabeth B.
Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Dear Buck & Buck, 

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order of 6 April in today's mail. WOW, that was fast. And the selections were even better than I anticipated. Thank you so much for your attention. Great customer service!

Jefferson G.
Thaxton, VA

Hello Dode,

I can honestly say that Buck & Buck is the best company that I have had dealings with in a long time. Also, it is good to know that the staff regard the customer as a person and not just a number. I have really appreciated all the help the staff have offered me, especially when I first contacted the Company as it was a very difficult time for me, just having had to place my husband into a Care Facility, nothing appeared to be a problem for them.

I will continue to purchase clothing for Robert from ‘Buck & Buck’ and tell others here about you, I have left your new catalogue at the Care Facility for other residents and or their family members to view.

I do hope Mr. Bill Buck appreciates the great staff.

Julia S.
NSW, Australia

Dear Buck & Buck, 

My father was just moved into assisted living and they need the VELCRO shirts to teach him how to dress himself. Quite a big transition for my Mother and Father. Thank you for contacting me and I greatly appreciate the fabulous customer service and thoughtfulness to explain the shipping and save me a few dollars. Wow. You just don't see that level of customer service today.

Michelle R., V.P., PCBC, Inc.

Dear Buck & Buck, 

The dresses have arrived, extremely happy with your choice of colours and your initiative and awareness of the amount of dresses I needed after my fumbling through the choices. My mother 96 was so happy to see the vibrant colours. Cannot thank you enough. Kindest Regards.

Maria C.

Dear Buck & Buck,

I bought two of the zippered pants for my father, who has a catheter. He is comfortable and we are able to empty the catheter without completely disrobing him. What a great company you have! I have shared your company name with the home health nurse and the P/T and O/T therapists who are working with him. They were so impressed, and I think also intend to share your company's name with other clients.

When I placed the order, I wanted the pants to arrive the next day, but also wanted them hemmed. I decided it was better to have them a little too long, than have to wait for the alteration. Then, I received a call from one of your representatives asking for the inseam length. She told me they could hem them same day and that they would arrive the following day. So, I did get them hemmed and they arrived the following day, as promised! It is such a joy to find a company that cares about excellent service. Thank you again!

Murphysboro, IL

Dear Buck & Buck, 

Your company is outstanding in customer service and quality of product. My 95 year old mother is in nursing care. Unfortunately, she has become more contracted with arthritis and her regular clothes can no longer be used to dress her without causing pain. I found your company on line, looked over your site and was so impressed by the information and various styles. When I finally made the decision to order, the phone service representative was excellent. She knew the stock, answered questions and took the time with me. Your praises were shouted out on my Facebook page and a copy of your catalogue was given to the social worker at the nursing home so as to maybe help other patients. Tonight a second order was placed with ease and efficiency. Thank you so much!

Paula S.
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Buck & Buck,

I have been ordering clothing for my Aunt from your catalog for a couple of years now. I received a new catalog just recently and thought I would let you know not to send anymore because my Aunt has now passed away. Her adaptive clothing made it so much easier for the nurses to dress her each day and much more comfortable for her. Keep up the good work for those that need these items. Thanks!

Brenda M.
Stillwater, OK

Dear Buck & Buck,

As the business manager at Creekside for the past four years, I have had numerous interactions with your customer service staff, and I cannot express how incredible they are at their jobs. They are always so pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable and professional to deal with.

I have never encountered an incorrect order, and the quality of your products are spectacular. I love seeing our residents’ faces when they get to see the actual products when they are delivered. It makes my day. The clothing washes and wears wonderfully.

I would also like to thank all of the staff for always going above and beyond assisting me with ordering for the residents. It makes a job that can be overwhelming so much easier.

Amy M.
Aventura at Creekside, Carbondale, PA

Dear Buck & Buck, 

My husband and I just want to thank you for your fine product. I tried it on before taking it to Mom to make sure it would be comfortable- and it was. The ALF is very grateful to have these helpful clothes for Mom. I had her model one for them and they all loved it and thought she looked very nice! The fact that she can’t remove her undergarments will be a great relief to them as well. You have helped to make a difficult situation much easier to handle. 

Carleen G.
St. Pete Beach, FL

Dear Buck & Buck, 

My order has arrived promptly and in good order. Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with Buck and Buck's service and products. I am glad I found you. Thanks and regards.

Jennifer B.

Dear Buck & Buck,

Just a brief note to say, "Thank You," for the customer service Dode provided me. I'd tried to place my order online, and my computer was having a "senior moment."  I called the "Help" line, and spoke with the perfect, employee, Dode. She place my order for me and offered to do so anytime I had problems online. I wanted to share my experience with you, because in the world today, to have such a pleasant experience with a customer service representative, is unheard of.

The past three years have been painful, observing the decline of my father. He was a very modest man and over the last six months, regular street clothing didn't allow him to keep his of the cruel disease, Dementia. The director of the memory care home, told me about the specialized clothing made by "Buck & Buck." Buying the back-zip jumpsuits solved my father's modesty issue. He could no longer undress at will, and it was a "lifesaver," for the memory care home.  He'd been in Hospice care for one day before passing on Thanksgiving Day, 2019. He was 87.

Once again, thanks to Dode for her kind attitude, which is so appreciated!

Linda H.
Rosenberg, TX


Your delivery yesterday of two pair of zipper-equipped slacks that fit over my leg cast were an immense morale boost.  What a difference to ditch the oh-so-stylish sweats for something that looks good in public, is entirely comfortable, and very easy to negotiate, broken leg or no.  On top of that, the folks on the phone were thoughtful, helpful and entirely proactive – the very definition of great service.

Heartfelt appreciation!

Jef L.
San Francisco, CA

Hi Krista,

Just to let you know that both parcels have arrived  and I am so happy with the one you sent to PEI for me, the wrapping is beautiful. Blanche is very special to me, like a second mother, she is 98 years old and a WWII Veteran, who until this year went out and sold Poppies for Remembrance Day, she is one great ‘girl’.

Also, thanks for the T/shirts, the pink one with flowers & butterflies is lovely, this also is a gift for a friend, and I’m sure she will love it.

Once again, many, many thanks!

Julia S.
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Customer Care: 1(800) 458-0600 (M-F, 6am-5pm PST)