Rear Closure Clothes

What types of rear closure clothes does Buck and Buck carry?

Buck and Buck carries many styles of rear closure clothes for adults. Some of the most popular of our rear closure clothes are the snap back dresses and dusters for women with disabilities. The next most popular in our rear closure clothing collection are our sweatsuit designs and knit pants sets. We also carry undergarments and sleepwear that are terrific compliments to our other rear closure clothes.
An important thing to remember is that most of the clothing in our catalog can be converted to rear closure clothes.
Buck and Buck also carries many rear closure clothes for men. Our shirts range from dress shirts to our very popular casual styles for all occasions. We have sweaters and outerwear in our rear closure collection as well.

Our rear closure designs usually have snaps, but we will replace the snaps with hook and loop closures if that is better for you. Our snaps are strategically placed to avoid pressure points on the spine for those who spend much of their time sitting or reclined in bed. We also have some styles that have as few as two or three snaps positioned at waist and shoulder level to make dressing and provision of personal care as easy as possible.

Just let us know what your needs are and we'll assist you with your purchases.

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