Range of Motion Clothing

What does Buck and Buck carry in range of motion clothing?

Our range of motion clothing line consists of our adaptive clothing garments and many items in our regular, everyday wear collection. Our clothing styles are designed with the needs of the senior customer in mind and because of that, range of motion is always a consideration. As we age, an individual’s mobility status often becomes restricted. It may be difficult to reach above the head or around the back, close buttons and tie shoes. Our goal is to make our customer as independent as possible in the dressing process so we look at garment cut and material, size of buttons, use of long zippers, VELCRO® brand closures, wide and generous elastic, and more.
We also will make special alterations whenever needed like grab loops in pants and skirts, put loops or pulls on zippers and add hook and loop closures on any clothing item to make dressing an even easier process than our garments already allow.
If the individual needs assistance with dressing from a caregiver, our open back designs for men and women may be just what is needed. These items allow dressing to occur without the need of raising the arms. Our open back clothing have snap closures down the length of the garments making assisted dressing less difficult for the caregiver and more comfortable for the wearer.
If you need assistance with anything as you look at our products, call us at 1-800-458-0600 between 6AM and 5PM pacific time Monday through Friday, or email us anytime @ info@buckandbuck.com

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