Parkinsons Clothing

Does Buck and Buck carry Parkinson’s Clothing?

Buck and Buck does carry a line of clothing that is very helpful to the person diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Because the person with this disease may have issues with balance, tremors and lack of finger dexterity, you need to think about the type and degree of symptoms that the individual is experiencing. Our Parkinson’s clothing addresses the problems related to dressing.

Balance, or the lack of, is handled in our Parkinson’s clothing with the varied selection of easy, over the head and pull on styles that require minimal time standing while dressing. The person should sit on the bed or a chair while pulling on and stepping into clothing to prevent tripping and falling.
Tremors make it difficult to carry out tasks that require fine motor skills or a steady hand like working with buttons, tying shoes, and drinking and eating without spilling.  Note that all of our clothing is wash and wear so if spills occur, clothing is not ruined. Many of our garments can be pulled up or pulled on over the head which may be an easier dressing task to perform. Garments that have zippers can have large zipper pulls attached to make zipper manipulation easier. Just let us know if you need that alteration. Our shoes and slippers for men and women have either hook and loop closures, or they slip on which encourages independence in putting on footwear.
Lack of finger dexterity can be frustrating to the person trying to dress her or himself. Choose items from our Parkinson’s clothing collection that have large buttons or VELCRO® brand closures, or styles that can be pulled on requiring minimal finger strength.

A helpful tip that we encourage for individuals with Parkinson’s disease is to encourage gathering the clothes to be worn and putting the clothes on the bed next to them. This practice allows them to sit on the bed between putting on the various clothing items, which reduces the chance of a fall while dressing and allows the person to be as independent as possible.

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