Nursing Home Clothing

What is unique about clothing for residents of nursing homes?

There are actually several features that need to be considered when choosing clothing for the elderly who live in nursing homes. First of all, the clothing should be made of a comfortable fabric. This is especially true when the individual is confined to a recliner or wheelchair all day. Soft, smooth lines of a garment feel less irritating to the skin. Next, the clothing should be stylish, yet easy to wear. Everyone wants to look their best. It doesn't matter what the living arrangement is for an individual to want to look good and feel good about him or herself. Another major consideration is that the garments must be easy to launder and easy to affix a personalized label to. Remember that nursing homes have commercial style laundries that wash and dry clothing with very high temperatures. Garments must be able to withstand this type of harsh treatment. It is also necessary to have the resident’s name affixed to every item of clothing so that they will get their own clothing back after being laundered. All of the Buck and Buck designs meet the above criteria.
Another important feature of Buck and Buck’s nursing home clothing is that our designs promote independence in dressing for as long as possible through the use of pull on and over the head styles, easy to use zippers, snaps and buttons and VELCRO® brand closures when needed.

Often the elderly living in nursing homes have medical conditions that have caused mild or severe disabilities which make the senior less independent and in need of the skills of a caregiver. Our nursing home clothing is designed to be easy to use by the caregiver. The popular features in our adaptive nursing home clothing line of open back, side zip and cut away styles allow for ease in dressing and in providing personal care to the senior. The caregiver is able to dress the elderly resident in our open back clothing while the resident is still in bed or in a wheelchair. The side zip nursing home clothing garments may also be used this way because our zippers are 22 inches long which permits the caregiver to dress the senior while still lying in bed. Our cut away designs are perfect for the elderly who cannot ambulate and are confined to a wheelchair or recliner. The seats of the garments are cut away, making the dressing process easy and toileting and personal care less of a challenge.

We have developed our special line of adaptive clothing through listening to the dressing problems and needs of our customers and through our own observations made in nursing homes that we serve.
Let our customer service representatives help you with any unique problems in dressing that you are experiencing with your loved one in either home care, nursing home, or assisted living situations.

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