Incontinence Clothing

Does Buck and Buck have Incontinence Clothing?

Buck and Buck does have incontinence clothing. The first thing to note is that all of our clothing is able to withstand vigorous washing since we designed our clothing initially for nursing home customers. The person who has incontinency as a problem must be able to have all of their clothing tolerate frequent washing. The second thing regarding incontinence clothing is to ask why does the problem of incontinence occur for the individual. If the elderly person cannot unzip or unbutton a pair of pants quickly enough causing them to have an elimination before they are ready, the problem is with the garments. Buck and Buck solves this problem with our incontinence clothing by replacing zippers or buttons with a VELCRO® brand fly closure or making the waistband of stretchy elastic so that the pants can be pulled down easily. We have these garments already available to you in our catalog.

If the person who is incontinent is confined to a wheelchair or bed, the best choice of our incontinent clothing line would be the open back, side zip or cut away garments. The cut away garments should only be used if the person cannot stand since the seat is cut out of the garment making toileting and personal care easier. The side zip incontinent clothing allows the person to make the transfer from chair to toilet more easily therefore avoiding an urgency problem that may lead to incontinence.
Please look through our catalog and choose the garments appropriate to the problem. If you are unsure about something, just ask us.

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