Dressing After Rotator Cuff Surgery

(Go to our Home Page).  After surgery for repair of a rotator cuff you will be wearing an arm sling.  Because of your limited range of motion for awhile there are specific items of clothing that will help you to dress with little or no assistance.  For women our front closure bra used by women with arthritis will be of help.  There are other front closure bras in our collection, but the one designed for the woman with arthritis is probably the easiest to use with one hand.

For both men and women our Velcro® front closure shirts and blouses will be easy to put on. Place the operative arm into the garment first and then the unaffected arm and then close the front of the garment with simple pressure over the buttons that hide the Velcro® strips.  You may usually remove the sling to dress, but maintain a degree of  immobility. (always check with your physician and physical therapist first)

Another clothing item that will be helpful in dressing with an arm sling is our Velcro® fly closure pant.  We have a wide variety always in stock for men and for women, any of our slacks may be adapted with a front closure.

Take a look in our catalog and let us know if you have another dressing need.  Remember, most of our clothing can be adapted to meet your needs.

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