Disabled Clothing

What types of clothing for the disabled can you find in the Buck and Buck catalog?

(Go to our Home Page).  Buck and Buck specializes in adaptive, easy to wear clothing for disabled adult men and women.
We have been designing a disability clothing line for over 30 years and have found that our designs offer the mature adult a feeling of confidence in their ability to self dress for a longer period of time. Generously cut garments with easy to use buttons, zippers and snaps make the dressing process easier on arms and legs that just don’t move as well as they used to. VELCRO® brand  closures on many of our garments promote independence in dressing for the elderly. We will adapt any of our garments to suit the specific needs of the disabled adult.
When a caregiver is involved in dressing the elderly because of a handicap, the disabled clothing styles offer simple steps in assisted dressing, and when used as suggested, reduce strain on the caregiver. Our open back and side zip clothing items are very popular with the elderly with disabilities as well as their caregivers. Our selections for women and men are stylish, comfortable and easy to launder.
Buck and Buck has a line of disabled clothing suitable for the elderly who are confined to wheelchairs. The hemlines of many of our dresses give extra leg coverage when sitting in a wheelchair. This additional length helps to ensure modesty in our disabled clothing. We have coats and shower robes that provide ample coverage and are comfortable for the elderly who must use a wheelchair.
Don't forget to also look at our accessories for wheelchairs and walkers like shearling arm and hand rests, bags to keep personal items in and more.

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