Delicate Skin

What is meant by delicate skin?

(Go to our Home Page).  Delicate skin refers to the fragility of the skin that is evident in most of us as we age. As we get older, our skin becomes less elastic and tends to tear and bruise more easily. Buck and Buck is aware of the problems caused by delicate skin and has a collection of delicate skin clothing that is designed to protect arms and legs against abrasions and bruises. Some items to look at in this clothing collection are the leg and arm protectors for women and men available in both light weight and polar fleece. All of our long sleeve garments are excellent choices in the delicate skin clothing line. The added fabric layer over the skin on the arms and legs becomes a barrier to aid in preventing cuts and tears. Our women's and men's sweatsuits, made of soft sweat fleece, provide good protection to both the arms and legs of the elderly as well as giving the added benefit of warmth to the wearer. The Buck and Buck foot snugglers, which we designed years ago, have been very popular for those elderly who have very fragile skin and who are non-ambulatory. The soft cushion of shearling fleece protects the skin from abrasions and keeps the legs and feet warm which promotes circulation.
Please take a look through our catalog and if there are additional items that you would like to see us carry, let us know.

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