Contractures Clothing

(Go to our Home Page).  Contractures are a shortening of either muscles or tendons caused by a variety of conditions. The individual experiences limited range of motion in the affected limb and therefore may have some difficulty in dressing. Buck and Buck specializes in adaptive clothing designs. Men and women with contractures will find many of our garments helpful in both preserving independence in dressing and in making assisted dressing easy.
One of our styles that you should look at has bilateral, 22 inch long side zippers that make pulling the pants up over legs with contractures easy. Another style is the open back garment that will allow gentle dressing by putting the arms into the sleeves without having to stretch or move the arms to the rear or side. The garments can be pulled gently up the arms and closed down the back with snaps positioned to prevent pressure on the spinal column.
All of our clothing are easy wear and easy care. They tolerate the high temperatures of commercial laundering yet maintain their colors and good looks for a long time.
Let us help you with dressing your loved one who has contractures.

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