Painful Limb Movements

Dressing when limbs are painful is a difficult task at best, but with our adaptive line of clothes for women and for men, getting dressed does not have to be such a problem. Painful limb movement may be the result of a variety of things such as arthritis, shoulder injury, limb contractures, etc. You will find that our adaptive clothing styles feature open back garments which are very easy to put on. No lifting or pulling on the arms to dress. A few of our open back clothing items are dresses, blouses, shirts, nightgowns, pajamas, sweaters, jackets and sweatsuits. We also have side zip pants that open more than halfway down each side allowing the legs to be placed gently into the pants without pulling or pushing on painful lower limbs.
Both the individual with painful limb movements and the caregiver appreciate our adaptive clothing styles because they look great and are very easy to put on.

Please browse through the extensive clothing solutions in our catalog for your dressing needs.

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