Assisted Dressing

(Go to our Home Page).  Assisted dressing may become necessary if we develop any impairment in function as we age. These impairments may range from restricted movement in arms and legs due to arthritis, muscle weakness, or limits imposed by stroke, Parkinson’s or other conditions. Impaired or decreased function may also just be the result of growing older.
Buck and Buck designs promote as much independence in dressing as possible. We do this in a variety of ways such as using VELCRO® brand closures in place of zipper flies, on shirt and blouse placards behind the buttons, on shoes and slippers and to replace snaps if these adaptations will assist the person to dress without assistance.
Other of our design standards is the attention to necklines, waistlines, shoulder seams and garment length. If the neckline openings are not too tight, and waistlines are comfortable and not fitted, the individual will be more easily able to self dress. Material at the shoulder should be less restrictive so the person can dress without pulling and tugging and front zippers for dresses and other garments make access easier for the seniors.
If a person must have someone help with the dressing process, our snap back designs are just the thing. Looks like everyday wear. No one would know that the garment opens down the back for easy assisted dressing. Our bilateral side-zip pants are perfect for the senior or any adult who loves to wear pants, but needs help to put them on. Dressing can easily be done while the person is seated or even lying in bed.
Take a look at our assisted dressing garments and accessories for women and for men to make life a little easier and browse through our entire catalog for other dressing needs.

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