Patient Clothing

What types of patient clothing does Buck and Buck carry?

Often the term "patient" is equated with individuals in acute care facilities and the term "resident" is applied to people in nursing homes, rehab settings, and assisted living situations. Buck and Buck carries a variety of patient care and resident clothing items to meet the dressing and personal care needs for any setting. Our primary focus is the elderly resident who lives in a nursing home, their own home, or an assisted living facility. However, we do carry a popular line of gowns for men and women, better known as hospital gowns in the acute care hospital industry. These garments have an open back design with a closure at the shoulder that makes the wearer look great and feel comfortable while also permitting access for giving personal care that may be required. We have a variety of fabrics and styles for both women and men.

We also have many options of open back and side zip patient clothing items that caregivers appreciate in the various settings where you find adult patients. The open back styles allow the person to be dressed more easily by a caregiver and the side zip clothing permits the patient to be able to assist themselves in the dressing and personal care process.
Physical therapy and occupational therapy are accomplished more easily for patients with an amputation, a stroke, fractures, or joint replacements when the man or woman is dressed in our adaptive clothing styles. The garments are cut generously allowing ease of movement. We will also work with the individual and the caregiver to make any special adaptation to a garment that is necessary.
An additional patient clothing need that is gaining in popularity is the full figure garment. We have added larger sizes to accommodate the plus size senior. Let us know if you have a special request.
Buck and Buck also carries a selection of footwear for women and men that facilitates self dressing with the easy hook and loop closures and slip on non-skid styles as well as socks that stretch to allow for swelling in feet and ankles.

If you have a dressing problem that you don’t see a solution for in our patient care clothing selection, please contact us and we’ll work together to come up with a solution.

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