Sizing Instructions

We think the secret to a great look is a truly good fit. However, finding the "right size" is not always easy, especially when you don't have the luxury of a fitting room. Here is where the tape measure comes in. Follow the instructions below, and compare your measurements to the charts…also below. If you are still unsure, give us the measurements and we will make sure you are choosing the right size for the garments you have selected.

Basic Measuring Instructions

  1. Take measurements when the person is standing, if at all possible.
  2. Measure around the fullest parts of the bust, waist and hips. For men, measure the chest and waist.
  3. Keep the tape measure comfortably loose. Most exchanges occur when a garment is too small.
  4. Inseam – Take a pair of pants that fit well. Measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the pants (or to the bottom of the ankle bone if measuring a standing person). We hem to your inseam for free! Please note: If we hem to 25" or shorter, the garment is non-returnable, so you may want to start with just one to make sure they fit before ordering several pair.
  5. The sitting inseam – if the person being measured must remain seated, it may be difficult to locate the beginning of the crotch seam, in which case, add 2" to your measurement to allow for gathered fabric.

How to determine an Inseam

Help with inseams?

Choosing an inseam is not easy unless you have the person or a pair of their existing pants to measure, but if all you know is their height, this chart may help. Keep in mind that some people have short legs and a long torso, and some have long legs and a short torso. Also, the majority of our pants are fairly long in the rise, which is the distance between the waistband and the crotch seam. Therefore, if they're on the borderline, you may want to choose the shorter of the two. If they are non-ambulatory, you can lean toward the longer side. It's not an exact science, but here you go! 

Height Approx inseam
4'8" - 5'1" 26"
5'2" - 5'4" 28"
5'5" - up 30"
5'2" - 5"4" 26"
5'5" - 5'8" 28"
5'9" - 5'10" 30"
5'11" - 6'1" 32"
6'2" - up 34"
We can always do a 27", 29" or 31" inseam upon request…just note it in the comment section of your order. Anything shorter than 26" will be non-returnable.


How to Find Your Size (Women's):

Women’s Sizes:SmallMediumLargeXL2X3X4X
Bust 33-35 36-38 39-41 42-45 46-48 49-52 53-55
Hips 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46 47-49 50-52 53-56
Dress size 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20 22-24 26-28 30-32

How to Find Your Size: Bras, Panties, Undershirts

How to measure for a bra:

Step 1: Find your cup size

To get your cup size, first measure around the underbust/diaphragm/ribcage…right under the bust. Then measure around the fullest part of the bust with your bra on. If the fullest measurement is 2" more than your underbust measurement, your cup size would be a B – 3" more would be a C – 4" more would be a D – 5" more a DD, etc. So, if your underbust measurement is, say, 34, and your fullest measurement is 36, the cup size would be a B. If the fullest measurement had been 37", your cup size would be a C, etc.  If you're not able to get an accurate measurement with method, sometimes just "eyeballing" the cup size works.

Step 2: Find your body size

The most important measurement when sizing for a bra is the underbust/diaphragm/rib cage measurement. It is this area that will hold the bra in place and create the support you need. Take that underbust measurement from above (34"), and add 5" to that number. For example, if the underbust measurement is 34", adding 5" to it will make it 39". This is the size you would need. If you end up with an uneven number, as we did, you would round up to the next largest even number. Our final body size measurement is 40". Using the measurements we used as examples, the final bra size would be a 40B.

Sizing for Vests & Undershirts:

Fits Bust: 32-34 35-36 37-39 40-42 43-46 48-50

Sizing for panties:

Fits Hips: 32/33 34/35 36/38 39/41 42/44 45/47 48/50 51/53 54/56 57/59 60/62

How to Find Your Size (Men's):

If Chest measures: 37-39 40-42 43-45 46-48 49-51 52-55 56-60
If Waist measures: 28-30 31-34 35-38 39-42 43-46 47-50 51-54
If Neck measures: 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5 19-19.5 20-20.5

Unisex Clothing Sizes (for Sweats):

Unisex size: SMLXL2X3X
If Waist measures:   28-30 31-34 35-38 39-42 43-46 47-50

Shoe Sizes

To determine the proper shoe size

Trace the shape of the foot onto paper. Then, measure from the heel to the end of the big toe in inches. Compare this measurement to the foot length column below. Simply match the length to the size column. For mail orders, send in your tracing and we will match the size for you.

Women's Shoe Sizes

Size 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 11 12
Foot Length 9" 9 1/8" 9 1/4" 9 1/2" 9 5/8" 9 3/4" 10" 10 1/8" 10 1/4" 10 5/8" 11"

Men's Shoe Sizes

Size 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 12 13
Foot Length 9 5/8" 9 3/4" 10" 10 1/8" 10 1/4" 10 1/2" 10 5/8" 10 3/4" 11" 11 1/4" 11 5/8"

How to Size Feet

In order to determine the right size for socks and footwear, you will need to take a few measurements of the foot. Measuring heel to toe will give you the length and is the first important measurement in determining size. You must also measure the girth of both the ankle and the arch. These measurements will help you to determine the degree of edema.

Next to each footwear product in our catalog, we will suggest the appropriate size based on the product’s response to the "degrees of swelling" chart below.

Degrees of Swelling

Women’s ankle 9"-11" 11"-12" 12" and up
Women’s arch 9"-10" 10"-12" 12" and up
Men’s ankle 9"-11" 11"-12" 12" and up
Men’s arch 9"-10" 10"-12" 12" and up

Size Chart For Socks

Fits Women’s shoe sizes: 6-10 10-13 14-16
Fits Men’s shoe sizes: 5-9 9-12 12-15
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