Made in USA

Whenever possible, we try to work with manufacturers who choose to have their garments made in the U.S.A. We do make a few exceptions to this rule when it comes to certain items like footwear and T-shirts to name just two. If we were to insist on domestic sourcing for these items, pricing to the consumer would be prohibitive in some cases. We keep all other manufacturing in the United States. So, if an item is imported, we try to include that information in the item description on the website and in the catalog to permit an informed decision by the customer.

At Buck & Buck, we have always made it a priority to seek out manufacturers who are committed to supporting their communities by employing workers who live in their towns and cities. Over the past 35 years, we have maintained long term relationships with domestic manufacturers. We can rely on them to provide top quality craftsmanship with on-time delivery, while maintaining price points that are competitive with those who choose to manufacture off-shore and import. In fact, we now see movement on the part of many large-store retailers to re-examine earlier decisions to manufacture off-shore, because it is now not as profitable (nor as readily accepted by the consumer) as they had previously calculated.

Simply put, we will continue to make every effort to rely upon domestic manufacturing, while still offering competitive pricing. Period. You will be happy with the product and we will all know we are contributing to the support and preservation of our communities and way of life.

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