Special Needs Footwear

What kind of special needs footwear does Buck and Buck carry?

Buck and Buck carries several lines of special needs footwear from socks to slippers and shoes. In our sock line of special needs footwear we feature the Dri-Sole® socks that are excellent for the person with diabetes or with neuropathy in the feet. This sock stays up without constricting the ankle and has a moisture wicking action to keep the feet dry. We also carry the Care Sock® in our special needs footwear collection which is an oversized, loose fitting sock for the person who has edema problems in the feet. We have several selections of slippers in our special needs footwear such as the VELCRO® bootie that protects the swollen feet and has an adjustment to accommodate various degrees of swelling. We have the open toe terry slippers that will adjust to mild or moderate foot swelling and for the very special needs footwear person with that extra wide foot, we have "the solution" which is an extra wide, high domed slipper with adjustable hook and loop tabs. In our collection of shoes, the special needs footwear features for women and men are the LowRiders, VELCRO® sandals and the ambulatory Edema shoe.
Another very special needs footwear design of Buck and Buck is the Foot Snugglers®. This footwear is not for the ambulatory person. The style is designed to protect fragile skin and promote circulation through the warmth of the snuggler.
If you do not see footwear to meet your needs, talk with us and we’ll see if we can assist you. You should also check out our extensive clothing selection for garments to compliment the wardrobe.

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