Special Needs Clothing

What types of special needs clothing does Buck and Buck carry?

Buck and Buck designs and makes available a variety of special needs clothing for older adults. We particularly are aware of the needs of the elderly who have difficulty dressing due to medical conditions, a variety of disabilities and simply the normal process of aging. All of our garments are easy to wear and easy to care for. Our garments either pull on, can be pulled up, use VELCRO® brand closures, large buttons or snaps or easy pull zippers to encourage self dressing. Our special needs clothing are designed to keep the individual independent in the task of dressing for as long as possible and also features styles that make the assistive task of dressing easy for the caregiver.
Our popular special needs clothing designs for women and for men are the open back, side zip, and garments with VELCRO® brand closures that are made to look like everyday, ordinary clothing, but that are easy to wear and care for. Most of our everyday garments can be adapted to special needs clothing, just ask us.
In addition to the special needs styles that you will see in our catalog, we also will design clothing to meet your own unique special needs. Please share your dressing issues with us and we’ll work to develop a solution.
Also take a look at the articles in the Shop By Need section of our home page dedicated to selected medical conditions or common problems to get an idea of which of our styles may be appropriate for you.

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