Protective Clothing

What does Buck and Buck carry in the protective clothing line?

Buck and Buck has a couple of different types of protective clothing. The first type is protective clothing that serves as a barrier for the fragile skin of the elderly. Since as we age our skin tears more easily, Buck and Buck features both arm and leg protectors for men and women made of polar and sweat fleece that will help to keep the arms and legs from getting cuts and tears. The extra layer of protective clothing has been a big help to those who tend to incur minor injury from bumping against doors, beds and other pieces of furniture in the room or home. We also carry hand protectors that are especially useful to the wheelchair user. This item of protective clothing helps to prevent abrasions and bruises that can occur while using a wheelchair.
The second category of protective clothing is our line of bibs that keeps the clothing from getting soiled while the person is eating. We have a variety of fabrics for both men and women. We also carry a smoker’s bib that helps to prevent burn holes in clothing from dropped ashes while smoking.

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