Health Care Clothing

What is meant by health care clothing?

Health care clothing consists of garments that are used for individuals who are in either acute care hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or receiving care in the home. The garments in our health care clothing line are designed to be used by a caregiver to dress the patient. Often that patient is elderly and may also have disabilities that require specific alterations customized for the particular person.

Buck and Buck has designed many items of health care clothing to suit the needs of the elderly patients who cannot dress themselves. Our large collection of open back health care clothes has been popular with both the wearer and the caregiver for years. The styles and fabrics are contemporary, yet very comfortable and easy to put on. Many of the ideas for adaptive designs have come from caregivers who present dressing challenges to us and we develop solutions for easy wear and easy care garments. It is not uncommon to have alterations made to accommodate various catheters, drainage tubes, and treatment devices. We work with the health care team to develop solutions to dressing problems. We also carry many different “cut away" garments in the health care clothing line that are intended for the person who has incontinence and is confined to a wheelchair or bed. These garments have the seat “cut away". The individual looks great, yet the caregiver is able to provide personal care without difficulty. These designs are only for those who do not ambulate since we want to assure that the individual’s dignity is maintained. Buck and Buck has a popular line of hospital gowns for women and men that look like regular nightwear, but have the shoulder snap closures to allow access for care and comfort for the wearer.
If you see an item of clothing in our catalog that you would like altered to suit your needs, let us know.

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