Dementia Clothing

Special Adaptive Clothing for Individuals with Dementia

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  The individual with dementia may need adaptive clothing depending upon the type of disease and the effect it has upon the person.
Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia characterized by a progressive brain disorder that destroys memory, ability to reason, learn, make judgments and carry out everyday functions often called activities of daily living. Because of the characteristics of this dementia, we realize that a person with Alzheimer’s may have different needs depending upon his or her symptoms of disease.
Buck and Buck has several special Alzheimer’s clothing solutions to meet the challenges that will make dressing easier for the person with the disease. Our solutions help both the senior with the disability of Alzheimer’s, and the caregiver who provides care in the home, nursing home or assisted living facility.
The key to remember about the dementia of Alzheimer’s in relationship to clothing is that simplicity will lead to success in getting dressed. If the person can dress independently or with little assistance, select items that have few buttons to contend with, or choose garments with a zipper or the pull on or pull over the head styles. Fewer steps mean the more probability of success. Select colors that coordinate so that the task of matching shirts with pants or blouses with skirts or pants is easy. It is also helpful to organize dresser drawers so that every item has its separate place with the drawer labeled as such on the outside. You may also organize a closet by grouping items together to make selection easier. This will greatly help the person with dementia in their independent dressing steps.
If the disease progresses to the point of your loved one undressing inappropriately, we have a variety of jumpsuits for women and men in our Alzheimer’s collection that make it difficult for the wearer to undress. The outfits look like two piece garments, but the jumpsuits zip down the back so that the wearer cannot access the zipper inadvertently and undress inappropriately. These garments should only be worn if a caregiver is present since the wearer cannot toilet without help.

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