Urinary Catheter Clothing

The need for a urinary catheter does not have to cause difficulty with wearing certain styles of clothing. Any of our pants for men and women can have a Velcro opening sewn into the inseam or side seam, whichever you prefer to make you more comfortable and to allow access for care and emptying of the urine collection bag. In order to maintain best infection control practice by not disconnecting the catheter from the drainage tubing since the catheter port is a potential path for entry of bacteria into the body, we will suggest a comfortable 12 inch hook and loop closure on the inseam of the slacks that allows the empty drainage bag to be passed through the leg opening and then the drainage bag can be attached to the wheelchair. The integrity of the closed catheter and urinary drainage tubing can be maintained.
If the individual wears a leg bag, we will make an opening from the bottom hem-line of the slacks up to just above the knee for ease of emptying the drainage bag. We put a long zipper on the outside seam of the pant leg to give access to the leg bag. 
We also carry a urinary drainage bag cover that attaches easily to the frame of a wheelchair. The cover provides some privacy for the person who must wear a urinary catheter.

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