Adults with Toileting Needs

Dependence upon someone to assist an adult with toileting and personal care needs can be difficult. We have designed some clothing styles that will make that process a bit easier on the adult who has this need. Our adaptive slacks for women and men have bilateral, 22 inch long zippers which make dressing easier and also make the transfer from wheelchair to toilet less of a struggle. Why? Our long, bilateral zippers allow the caregiver to unzip the pants while you are seated. The long zippers, when in the open position will allow the pants to fall low enough for you to sit on the toilet without having to struggle.
We also have a design called the back flap pants for adults who may need assistance in toileting. This design has a "flap" of material that will cover the buttocks while in a standing position and comfortably tuck down in the back while seated in a wheelchair. There are two snaps at the waistband to secure the flap. The snaps can be unfastened and the material moved out of the way for toileting ease.
If the woman who needs toileting assistance is confined to a wheelchair or recliner and cannot stand alone, our cut-away dress design may be the most helpful. This dress design looks like an ordinary dress, but the seat panel is cut out completely allowing for very easy toileting and personal care.

Please take a look at our other clothing designs and remember that all of our clothing is machine washable.

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