How to Find Your Size: Bras, Panties, Undershirts

How to measure for a bra:

Step 1: Find your cup size

To get your cup size, first measure around the underbust/diaphragm/ribcage…right under the bust. Then measure around the fullest part of the bust with your bra on. If the fullest measurement is 2" more than your underbust measurement, your cup size would be a B – 3" more would be a C – 4" more would be a D – 5" more a DD, etc. So, if your underbust measurement is, say, 34, and your fullest measurement is 36, the cup size would be a B. If the fullest measurement had been 37", your cup size would be a C, etc.  If you're not able to get an accurate measurement with method, sometimes just "eyeballing" the cup size works.

Step 2: Find your body size

The most important measurement when sizing for a bra is the underbust/diaphragm/rib cage measurement. It is this area that will hold the bra in place and create the support you need. Take that underbust measurement from above (34"), and add 5" to that number. For example, if the underbust measurement is 34", adding 5" to it will make it 39". This is the size you would need. If you end up with an uneven number, as we did, you would round up to the next largest even number. Our final body size measurement is 40". Using the measurements we used as examples, the final bra size would be a 40B.

Sizing for Vests & Undershirts:

Size: Small Med
Large XL 2X 3X
Fits Bust: 32-34 35-36 37-39 40-42 43-46 48-50

Sizing for panties:

Size: 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Fits Hips: 32/33 34/35 36/38 39/41 42/44 45/47 48/50 51/53 54/56 57/59 60/62
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