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Olivia Shoes by Propet

AD = Adaptive Design

Olivia Shoes by Propet AD

  • $94.00
  • Item #45H

An attractive shoe that goes anywhere yet solves difficult problems like hammer toes. The unusual "quilted" upper stretches to allow movement of problem toes. Taupe only. more…

  • Olivia Shoes by Propet Image 1
  • Olivia Shoes by Propet Image 2

Olivia Shoes by Propet

AD = Adaptive Design
  • Shoe Sizes

    To determine the proper shoe size

    Trace the shape of the foot onto paper. Then, measure from the heel to the end of the big toe in inches. Compare this measurement to the foot length column below. Simply match the length to the size column. For mail orders, send in your tracing and we will match the size for you.

    Women's Shoe Sizes

    Size 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 11 12
    Foot Length 9"
    9 1/8" 9 1/4" 9 1/2" 9 5/8" 9 3/4" 10" 10 1/8" 10 1/4" 10 5/8" 11"

    How to Size Feet

    In order to determine the right size for socks and footwear, you will need to take a few measurements of the foot. Measuring heel to toe will give you the length and is the first important measurement in determining size. You must also measure the girth of both the ankle and the arch. These measurements will help you to determine the degree of edema.

    Next to each footwear product in our catalog, we will suggest the appropriate size based on the product’s response to the "degrees of swelling" chart below.

    Degrees of Swelling

      Normal/Mild Moderate Severe
    Women’s ankle 9"-11" 11"-12" 12" and up
    Women’s arch 9"-10" 10"-12" 12" and up
    Men’s ankle 9"-11" 11"-12" 12" and up
    Men’s arch 9"-10" 10"-12" 12" and up

    About Colors

    When ordering solid colors, we try to keep all of the colors listed in stock. However, at any given time, we may be out of some colors in some sizes. Please always give us an alternate color choice in the event we are out of your first choice. When ordering prints, please keep in mind that we bring in a large assortment of prints regularly in the hope that no two ladies at the facility will be wearing the same outfit. The exact print you see on the website may not be available and we will not automatically send that print. We will always follow your guidelines. If you have a request for a certain color you would like us to coordinate around, i.e. "her favorite color is blue", or any other guidelines you would like us to be aware of, please type that in the "comment" section near the end of your order. In all cases, our order fillers pride themselves in picking out the nicest outfits available.

Product Description

The Olivia is a wonderful shoe both for its amazing stretchability, and for its attractive styling. It stretches to accommodate foot problems of all kinds and provides relief from pain. The stretchy upper vamp and removable insole increase roominess and prevent pressure points. Hook and loop closure. Extra wide width in Taupe only. Imported. We are unable to attach our heat seal labels to these shoes.


  • Made by Propet
  • Versatile and stretchy
  • Accommodating for may foot problems
  • Attractive for all day wear