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  1. So-Soft Pocketed Top
  2. 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
  3. 3/4 Sleeve Shirt w/ VELCRO® Brand Fasteners
  4. Women's Gingham Shirt
  5. Women's Gingham Shirt w/ VELCRO® Brand Closures
  6. Zipper Detail Top
  7. Light Denim Shirt
  8. Light Denim Shirt w/ VELCRO® Brand Fasteners
  9. Women's Flannel Shirt-Button Front
  10. Women's Flannel Shirt - VELCRO® Brand Fasteners at Front
  11. Knit Skirt
  12. Women's Short Sleeve Banded Bottom Top
  13. Women's Long Sleeve Banded Bottom Top
  14. 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Top (S-3X)
  15. Soft Waist Culottes
  16. Women's Polo Shirt (S-XL)
  17. Women's Polo Shirts (2X to 4X)
  18. Poly Flared Tunic
  19. Cotton Slub Crop Legging Pants
  20. Short Sleeve Printed Knit Top
  21. Long Sleeve Printed Knit Top
  22. Solid Knit Top with Pockets
  23. Printed Knit Top With Pockets
  24. Polyester Roll Sleeve Blouse
  25. Polyester Roll Sleeve Blouse w/ VELCRO® Brand Fasteners
  26. Block Print Knit Top
  27. Cotton/Poly Roll Sleeve Blouse
  28. Cotton/Poly Blouse with VELCRO® Brand fasteners
  29. Women's Long Sleeve Printed T with Collar
  30. Women's Long Sleeve Printed T-Shirt without Collar
  31. Printed T-Shirt with Collar
  32. Printed T-Shirt without Collar
  33. Poly Knit Pants
  34. Poly Gabardine Slacks
  35. Women's Denim Pull-on Pants
  36. Cotton/Poly Slacks (3X only)
  37. Cotton/Poly Knit Pants (S-3X)
  38. Cotton/Poly Knit Pants (4X-5X)