Understanding Our Products

Adaptive Clothing is any type of clothing designed or altered to accommodate a particular dressing difficulty. Many of our adaptive designs are created to solve problems posed by Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, limited range of motion, incontinence, the inability to bear weight or any number of related problems. Look for the assisted dressing symbol, "AD".

Some of our adaptive designs are: 

Rear Closure garments that open down the back to facilitate dressing a man or woman who cannot raise their arms over their head to put on a shirt or dress, or who are confined to a wheelchair or bed. Our rear closure adaptive garments have either snaps down the back strategically placed to avoid pressure points on the body, or shoulder snaps with ample fabric overlap providing good coverage and comfort.

Side-zip garments have 22" zippers down both sides of the pants. This generous opening permits greater ease in dressing for the non-weight bearing individual and facilitates the transfer process in toileting.

Side snap pants for women and for men also make dressing and toileting easier.  Three heavy duty snaps on both sides of the pants at the waistband provide ample room for care and dressing comfort, and make the waist very adjustable.

Cut-away garments look just like conventional clothing, but the seat of the garment has been "cut away" providing easier personal care by the caregiver and comfort for the wearer. This adaptive design is only to be used for the man or woman who does not stand. Maintenance of the individual’s dignity is extremely important to us.

Loops or tabs on zippers for easier grasping can be put on any garment.

Grab loops made from coordinating fabric can be sewn into any of our pants to help the wearer pull the pants up independently.

Back-flap pants are designed with fabric that overlaps at the seat and is attached by snaps at the waist to allow for ease in self-toileting for the wheelchair bound woman or man.

One-piece Jumpsuits look like traditional garments, but they have back zipper access to prevent the wearer from disrobing inappropriately. These adaptive garments preserve the dignity of our customers with dementia, but should only be worn if a caregiver is present to assist in toileting and with personal care needs for the woman or man.

We hope this information has been helpful to you as you shop with us. We're happy to work with you on custom alterations to meet unique needs. Just call us @ 1-800-458-0600. M-F from 6am-5pm, Pacific Time.

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