Personal Shoppers

We are happy to color coordinate outfits to make sure everything in a person’s order will look great together. In fact, we insist on it! It is impossible for you to see all of the ever changing prints and colors we have in stock at any given time. If you were made to select every print and color from the dozens available, ordering would be lengthy and tedious.

So, by giving us general rules to follow in the "comments" box (i.e., "She loves blue and floral prints") our personal shoppers will be able to coordinate blouses to slacks, or dresses to sweaters perfectly every time. If you work at a nursing facility and need to place orders for several people, you can take comfort knowing that our order fillers will take great care not to duplicate prints and will make sure all outfits coordinate well together.

Customer Care: 1(800) 458-0600 (M-F, 6am-5pm PST)