Free Labeling

Free labeling service or free pen, you choose!

In a facility setting, making sure clothing gets back to the correct closet after laundering is crucial. Most facilities offer labeling services for clothing items brought in by family members or ordered by facility staff. To make this easier for everyone involved, we can produce and attach a soft fabric label to any garment upon no charge. These labels are printed in indellible ink and then heat sealed to the garment to insure they will not fade or wash off, regardless of the laundry temperature or number of washes. You may specify a person’s name or any other identifying text you wish to appear on the label. Should you choose labeling and then wish to return an item, not to worry… We can easily remove a label once we receive it back at our fulfillment facility.

If you prefer, you can request a complimentary laundy marking pen and put the name in the garments yourself. Most items have a sewn-in Buck & Buck label with a blank box in which to hand write a resident’s name.


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