Buck & Buck is acutely aware of the impact each of us has on the environment. We have been on the forefront of conservation techniques and the use of sustainable resources in our daily procedures and in our relationships with suppliers and customers.

We print on recycled paper.

Catalog production is notorious for the potential waste of resources. Although printing on recycled, post consumer waste paper is more expensive than printing on all new paper, we have chosen to partner with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to certify that every catalog we print has a predetermined amount of post consumer waste material and that all sources used are sustainable. Look for the FSC seal on the back of the catalog. It is your assurance that we care about how we leave our planet for future generations.

We don't "prospect" for new customers.

Natural resource waste is also a huge problem when catalogers buy mailing lists from list managers and consider a 2% response rate worthwhile. That is to say that for every 100 catalogs mailed, 98 are discarded without producing an order. We never prospect for new customers this way, since the waste factor is shameful.

We don't share our mailing list with anyone.

By withholding our customer list from others wishing to buy it, we keep other catalogers from wasteful prospecting and, at the same time, insure that all our customer data is secure.

We keep incoming and outgoing packaging to a minimum.

We work closely with suppliers to keep product packaging to a minimum. The less we use, the less we need to throw away.

We recycle everything we can.

The recycling bins for our offices and warehouse are twice as large as our trash bins. Seattle has led the way with recycling programs that encourage individuals and businesses to know the difference between recycleables and non-recycleables, and to promote the sorting of each into their proper containers. Why bury something in a land fill when it can be re-used?

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