Wrap Back Dresses

Adaptive, wrap back dresses are perfect for the woman who wants to look great, but needs help to dress. Our wrap back dresses are made with a generous overlap of material in the back to ensure comfort and dignity when the woman is standing, yet snap at the waist and shoulder to avoid any pressure points while sitting in a wheelchair or recliner. 
Take a look at our other adaptive snap back dresses. These garments have well spaced snaps down the length of the back of the dress to secure the garment and prevent her from sitting on snaps at pressure points on her back. We can also adapt any of our dresses to the snap back style for you if you request it.
Our wrap back and snap back dresses are ideal for the handicapped or elderly woman who wants to look stylish, requires assisted dressing and likes the ease of wash and wear! Look through our catalog for other great garments.

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