Wheelchair Clothing

Does Buck and Buck carry wheelchair clothing?

Buck and Buck does carry many items of wheelchair clothing. You should first identify what the specific limitations are of the person confined to the wheelchair to help you to choose the most beneficial garments in our wheelchair clothing line. For example, consider whether the individual is able to stand without assistance or does he or she have paralysis or weakness in the legs that prevents them from standing to get dressed. If the individual is confined to a wheelchair, are they able to transfer alone from wheelchair to toilet? Sometimes the elderly in nursing home settings will use a wheelchair to move around more quickly, but they are able to stand alone and walk short distances. If this is the situation, any of our everyday clothes will be useful. By knowing why the person uses a wheelchair, you can be more specific in choosing the clothing that is right for them.
Is the use of a wheelchair temporary due to an injury such as a broken leg? If that is the case, we can make adaptations in any of our pants and sweatsuits to accommodate the dressing problem presented due to a cast. Let us know your need.
If the individual in the wheelchair can do transfers independently or with little assistance, our side zip  and side snap pants are a big help. The zippers are bilateral and 22 inches long making toilet transfers very manageable and the bi-lateral side snap pants let the pants fall easily for toileting and undressing.
If the individual cannot perform self-transfers and cannot dress him or herself at all, the best wheelchair clothing items are the open back garments that are easy for the caregiver to use and comfortable for the wearer. Our open back wheelchair clothing items are very popular because they are made of quality fabric, generously cut to cover the knees for the women, and the snaps are positioned strategically to avoid pressure points on the spine.
We also have outerwear wheelchair clothing designed to cover the person adequately to protect him or her from the weather.
Don't forget the trips to the shower in a wheelchair. We have great wheelchair shower robes for women and for men that protect the individuals from drafts as they are wheeled to the shower.
There are also a number of wheelchair accessories that will be helpful to your loved one. We carry day packs, wheelchair pouches, cup holders, fleece armrests, and urinary drainage bag covers. Just look in our wheelchair accessories section of the catalog.

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