Warm Wheelchair Clothes

Sitting in a wheelchair all day can bring on chills if the person is not very active and moving about. We carry a great selection of warm clothing for wheelchair users. Some examples of our warm clothing line consist of sweat tops, pants and sets for women and for men. We also have sweaters and vests for men and women, fleece shawls for the ladies, and lap robes for men and women.
If the individual using a wheelchair needs assisted dressing, we can put bilateral, 22 inch long side zippers in any of the pants we sell. This style allows the person to dress independently if they are able and if they need a caregiver to assist in dressing, our design makes that process easy as well. Pair our side zip pants with any of our rear closure tops for the person needing dressing assistance, or our wide selection of pullover or button front tops for the independent dresser. See our full catalog for other clothing options.

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