Warm Handicapped Clothing

The individual with a handicap is in need of a variety of clothing like everyone else. Warm clothing for the handicapped is one of those needed types of clothing and we have a great selection to choose from.
Everyone likes sweats no matter what the age. Ours come in solid colors and terrific prints for men and for women. We have regular, everyday sweats as well as an adaptive style that is perfect for someone who has a handicap that restricts mobility. Our adaptive sweatpants have bilateral, 22 inch long side zippers that allow for easy self or assisted dressing and toileting. Our adaptive sweat tops have snaps that open down the back for easy assisted dressing.
Other items of warm clothing for the handicapped are open back sweaters for men and for women, rear closure swing coats and fleece and rainproof ponchos for the wheelchair user.
Don't forget that having a handicap which restricts a persons ability to walk may cause them to feel a chill more than other individuals. Our leg protectors for women and for men are perfect for keeping those individuals warm.

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