Warm Elderly Clothing

Warm clothing for the elderly is a necessity. Since body temperature regulation becomes impaired during aging, clothing that will keep the elderly warm is imperative. At Buck and Buck, we realize this and we carry many different styles of warm clothing to choose from.
Our cozy sweatsuits for women and men are great all year long. In cooler weather, they are fantastic and in summer months when living in an air conditioned environment, sweats ward off the chill.
Elders love the feel of flannel all year. We always have shirts and nightwear for men and dusters and pajamas for women in stock every month of the year.
Older women may also like to wear another layer of underwear to keep warm. We carry cotton and nylon undershirts and vests as well as the very popular Cuddl Duds® that give a lightweight, extra layer that can be worn under any clothing.
Another category of warm clothing for the elderly is our arm and leg protectors for women and men. While these garments protect the arms and legs from skin tears and cuts, they also provide a wonderful extra layer that will go with dresses, shirts, t-shirts, etc. They can even be worn under jackets if the senior just needs a little more layering to keep the arms warm. 

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