Velour Adaptive Clothing

If adaptive clothing is your need and the look and comfort of velour fabric is what you like, you have come to the right place. Buck and Buck carry velour all year long. Our customers who just love the casual, but lovely look of velour pants sets and lounge wear can always find a great selection of colors and styles every season of the year. Whether you want to lounge in the comfort of your own home, go out with friends, or stroll around the neighborhood, our velour will make you feel and look great.
All of our velour clothing is 100% washable, so no fussing! In our adaptive version of the velour pants set, the top snaps down the back for easy dressing and the pants have bilateral, 22” long side zippers for easy wear and toileting needs.
Select the outfit according to your unique situation. Match regular pants with open back tops or regular tops with side zip pants. Anything you like we can try to do so please take a look through our catalog.

Customer Care: 1(800) 458-0600 (M-F, 6am-5pm PST)