Velcro Clothing

What does Buck and Buck carry in Velcro® clothing?

Buck and Buck carries a wide range of clothing with VELCRO® brand closures which encourages independent dressing for many of our elderly and disabled customers. We may equate the use of hook and loop closures with kid’s clothing, however, it has become very popular with adults, particularly in the footwear, jackets, and sportswear line. It was originally used for kids to help them to dress themselves, particularly with shoes and sneakers since tying laces is difficult for children who are still developing fine motor skills and coordination. However, VELCRO® brand closures were then put into outerwear like jackets to make dressing easier and faster for everyone. Buck and Buck has expanded the use of VELCRO® brand closures in the adult clothing line for some of the same reasons it is used for kids. Finger dexterity can be diminished in the elderly. This may be due to the normal process of aging or from a medical condition, so easy closure garments are helpful to them providing independence in dressing which is so important to seniors and disabled adults. If dressing cannot be done independently, hook and loop closures make the process easier for the caregivers and less stressful for the one receiving the help.
As we age, diminished hand strength can cause difficulty in manipulation of buttons, snaps and zippers. Hook and loop closures on garments may make the difference in the maintenance of independence in the daily dressing task. It is important to assess the dressing problems that your loved one has encountered and then talk with our customer service people to let them help you choose the right clothing.
Individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or upper limb amputation could also benefit from VELCRO® brand closures on clothing, allowing the individual to dress themselves or with little assistance. Some medical conditions as well as a sedentary lifestyle may cause swelling of the feet. VELCRO® brand closures on our footwear for men and women will accommodate mild to severe degrees of swelling.
We offer VELCRO® brand closures on our clothing because often this addition  will be the solution for an elderly person to be able to dress independently. We substitute VELCRO® brand closures for buttons, snaps, and zippers if adapting the garment will be helpful to the wearer and to the caregiver.
Many times the VELCRO® brand fly closure adaptation for the man will be the answer to his "incontinence" problem. Incontinence may not have been the problem after all, but he just wasn't able to quickly access the zipper on the fly opening. We have many choices in our velcro fly pants, cargo pants, jeans, shorts, see this link for a full look at the line.
If you see a particular style in our catalog and you need to have hook and loop closures added, let us know.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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