Urinary Incontinence

The definition of urinary incontinence is the inability to control bladder elimination. As we age urinary incontinence can become a problem that affects many people and has no easy solution.
The cause of urinary incontinence should be explored because there may be a fairly simple solution in some cases. Making behavioral observations is critical and asking questions such as "Are you able to unbutton your pants or unzip the fly easily?" may uncover a different problem. Sometimes the result of lessened ability to perform these simple functions can result in an accident leaving us to think that the person has urinary incontinence when all we need to do is provide them with clothing that they can manage more readily.
Buck and Buck carries pants with VELCRO® brand fly closures that replace the zipper flies. These adaptive pants have assisted many a gentleman to preserve their dignity and maintain their independence in dressing and toileting.
Elastic waist pants with no buttons or zippers are another option provided by Buck and Buck in both our men’s and women’s clothing.
For those who do suffer from urinary incontinence, here is a tip that could help prevent accidents. Encourage a regular schedule of toileting. This can help to reduce the number of incidents, while also improving self-esteem. If possible, see if a time pattern is evident and schedule toileting sessions accordingly.
Take a look at Buck and Buck’s completely washable clothing options for an inexpensive, full wardrobe to meet the needs of the individual with urinary incontinence and contact our Customer Service Representatives if you need assistance.

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