Stroke Clothing

Does Buck and Buck carry clothing styles suitable for the person who has had a stroke?

Buck and Buck does carry very suitable stroke clothing styles for seniors. As you look through the catalog, you need to keep in mind the residual weakness or paralysis that the stroke caused to help you to choose the appropriate clothing items. For example, if the stroke left minor weakness in the arms, most clothing that can be pulled on over the head or pulled up without having to fasten buttons may be the best choice. If the individual is able to manage zippers, we can add large pulls or tabs to assist in the dressing process.VELCRO® brand front closures on shirts are also a great help to the man or woman who may have problems with using buttons. These shirts and blouses look like they button, but in fact the hook and loop tabs behind the plackets make closing the garment very easy. We can make this adaptation to most of our garments.
If the stroke has left a paralysis in the arms and the person cannot dress him or herself, choose items that open down the back. The caregiver can assist with the dressing process while the person with the stroke is still sitting on the bed.
If the stroke has left the person with paralysis in the legs, our bilateral side zip pants are useful stroke clothing because the zippers are 22 inches long and the person can be dressed while still lying in bed. The best way to accomplish this is to unzip both side zippers and then place the feet into the pant legs. Pull the pants up to the knees and then turn the person onto one side. Pull the pants up to the waist and then roll the person onto their back. Pull the front of the pants up and close the side zippers. This procedure makes dressing easier on the caregiver’s back and is less cumbersome for the person with the stroke. Our long zippers also facilitate the toileting task since the zippers can be released to the knees making the transfer less of a struggle than using everyday garments with the traditional short zippers.
All of our clothing is easy to care for and has been put though the commercial washing process to meet our easy wear and care standards. If the person with the stroke is incontinent or has issues with spilling food or drink due to the inability to control the muscles in the face and mouth, you should consider having multiple outfits for changes and also look at our protective clothing section of the catalog.

Talk with us if you are unsure about what garments will suit the special needs of your loved one with a stroke and we'll guide you to the right stroke clothing.

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