Special Closure Clothes

Does Buck and Buck carry special closure clothes?

Buck and Buck does carry several styles of special closure clothes for adults. Our number one style of special closure clothes is the open back (sometimes referred to as the snap back) design. This design is very helpful for the adult who needs assistance in dressing due to disabilities. Our open back special closure clothing has strategically placed snaps that avoid pressure points when the individual is sitting down. This is important for the person who spends most of the time in a chair or wheelchair.
Another of our popular special closure clothes is the side zip pants. Our design is unique in that the pants have 22" long zippers down both side seams to allow for easier chair to toilet transfers and easier dressing while the person is in a lying or seated position. Most other companies have shorter zippers that make the process of dressing more difficult. If you prefer snaps to zippers, we also have that type of adaptive pant for women and men.
VELCRO® brand closures is another of our widely used special closure clothing adaptations. For example, we will use VELCRO® brand closures to replace the zippers in the fly openings of our men’s pants. This allows the man to dress and toilet himself without assistance. We also use hook and loop closures behind the buttons on the plackets of shirts and blouses to help the person with arthritis or other issues of finger dexterity to be able to "button" their own shirts. Our shoes and slippers for women and men have hook and loop closures that foster independent dressing and in some of our styles, accommodate the feet with issues of edema.
Buck and Buck is happy to alter any of our designs to meet the needs of our customers and if you have a dressing issue and need a specific special closure clothing item, let us know and we'll work with you.

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