Snap Back Clothing

What is Snap Back Clothing?

Snap Back Clothing is a design of clothing for women and men that "opens" down the back of the garment through the use of zippers, snaps, or VELCRO® brand closures. The garments give the appearance of everyday clothing, but the snap back design helps the caregiver to dress the elderly person with more ease and avoid a struggle in the dressing process.

Why should you choose snap back clothing?

Seniors who need the assistance of a caregiver to dress and who have difficulty raising their arms above the head or have to struggle to get the elbow to the level of the shoulder would benefit from snap back clothing.
Seniors who have arthritis and cannot lift their arms would benefit from snap back clothing. Since the garments completely open down the back, the senior’s arms may be gently placed into the armhole openings from the front and then the garments are pulled up over the shoulders and into place while the individual remains in a seated position.
Seniors or other adults who may have had a stroke causing limitations in mobility or partial or complete paralysis would benefit from snap back clothing. The caregiver uses the same technique described in the previous paragraph which eases the dressing process when the victim of a stroke cannot assist with this activity of daily living.
Seniors who have disabilities from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) often called "Lou Gehrig’s disease", Myasthenia Gravis, or Poliomyelitis which limit their ability to ambulate and require the use of walkers, wheelchairs, or confinement to bed would benefit from our snap back designs. Skin care and personal care may be administered more easily when the bedridden individual is wearing a snap back garment. This point can be very important to the caregiver.
Keep in mind that sometimes a senior may benefit from temporary use of snap back garments when an injury occurs, like a broken arm. Depending upon the level of break and length of cast, it may be easier for the senior to wear garments that can be donned with the arms placed in a forward position.

Seniors who may be residing in homecare, assisted living, nursing homes, or rehabilitation facilities may be candidates for the snap back clothing designs that we offer at Buck and Buck. Let us help you find the most suitable and adaptive clothing for your senior.

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