Senior Walker Fashions

Seniors who need the use of a walker for stability will benefit from some of our clothing fashions. We have specific clothing designs for the adult who has problems standing and walking with the needed assistance of a walker or other devices.
Take a look at our easy pull on elastic waistband pants for women and men. No zippers or buttons to struggle with while trying to maintain balance.
In our adaptive clothing selections we also feature VELCRO® brand closures to replace the zipper fly on our men’s pants. This clothing adjustment makes it quicker and easier for the gentleman who cannot work a zipper. Independence in dressing and toileting is very important to everyone’s dignity.
All of our traditional dresses can be easily pulled on over the head while the woman is seated on her bed with the walker or other assistive device kept near by. She can safely dress independently by following simple strategies like: collecting garments together and putting them in our walker bags and draping larger items over the walker; placing all garments on the bed next to her so that she can access each item without reaching; keeping the walker in front of her as she is seated on the bed to provide security when she needs to stand. These steps should also be followed by the gentleman who uses a walker or other assistive device for ambulation.
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