Seated Dressing

Why would someone have to be seated in order to dress him or herself?

A variety of diminished physical abilities may require an individual to sit while dressing to maintain safety and independence in this daily task. Some of those diminished abilities may be due to stroke, paralysis from injury, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, ALS, fracture, vertigo or a great variety of factors causing a minor or major disability. While seated dressing may sound a bit odd for someone who is able to stand and maintain balance without difficulty, for a person who cannot stand alone safely, seated dressing can assure some level of independence in carrying out a very personal task.
Buck and Buck carries a wide variety of side-zip, pullover, open-back and VELCRO® brand closure fashions for men and women to allow independent dressing and make assisted dressing easier for all involved. To help you select the correct garment, think about what skills the individual can perform in the dressing process. If stability is the only problem, any of our garments will be suitable as long as the person is encouraged to gather all of the clothes needed for dressing and place them on the bed next to him or her. If this procedure is done, the individual may sit while pulling on each item and avoid a potential fall. A brief period of standing may be needed to pull up pants or tuck in a shirt or blouse, but the bed is right there if he/she needs to sit quickly.
If the individual needs the assistance of another to dress, our side-zip or open back clothing may be the best answer. Talk with our Customer Service Representatives when you place an order and they will guide you in the most appropriate clothing selections for seated dressing by your loved one.

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