Seated Dressing Pants

A variety of temporary or permanent disabilities may necessitate the need for seated dressing. We carry a full line of clothing suited to dressing while seated. We feature seated dressing pants, shirts, sweatsuits, dresses, nightwear and outerwear for women and for men.
Our seated dressing pants have bilateral, 22 inch long zippers that make pulling the pants on easy for the wearer and helpful to the caregiver. The bilateral long zippers also permit ease in self toileting and personal care. Any of our slacks may be converted to side zip so just ask us to make the alteration for you. Another option is our side snap pants for men and women that feature bilateral snaps that permit the pants to open easily for dressing while seated and for toileting.
We also feature our back flap pants for men and women confined to a wheelchair. A generous amount of material overlaps in the back and snaps at the waist. The material provides coverage when the person stands yet allows ease in toileting and personal care.

Please take a look at other garments in our collection for your dressing solutions.

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